Good Canteen Launches A Weekly Snack Box Subscription Curated to Suit Snack Moods Throughout the Day


Good Canteen, a new innovative snack box subscription, is launching this month. This exciting concept will offer a curated selection of healthy, elevated, snacks and drinks that are designed to target different ‘food swings’ at four key points in the day – 11am, 3pm, 5pm, and 9pm. GoodCanteen wants to encourage their consumers to ‘make a moment’ out of their snacking experience. Rather than grazing, hone in on your snacking needs and the moments that you might dip in the day, and elevate these through their bespoke offering. A fully Vegan and Gluten-Free option is available, and all boxes can be customised to specific dietary requirements. 100% organic hand-poured soy candles come inside each box, their burn time mirrors your working week, scented with only pure essential oils, these custom scents mirror the times of the day and are designed to soothe.

Born from the lockdown frustrations of uninspired snack cupboards, Good Canteen’s mission is to deliver the very best selection of curated treats at home. The selection of high-quality refreshments will change on a monthly basis, with partner brands including Karma Bites, Love Raw, Something and Nothing Seltzers, Jarr Kombucha, Soffles, Raw Press, Minor figures Cold Coffee Brew, Meda CBD drinks, and many more. The boxes include drinks and snacks for five working days, with added extras such as herbal teas, fresh ginger, and turmeric.

Good Canteen understands that the ritual of snacking is a personal one and everyone has a peckish time of day when they’re in the mood to #stopandsnack. The four carefully selected and curated snack box schedules include:

Morning Haze – 11am (£30 per box)
‘Elevenses’ has always been an integral part of the school day, so why not incorporate it into the working day? The Morning Haze snack box is the perfect match for customers who struggle to tuck into an early morning breakfast or look forward to a caffeine boost and light bite pre-lunch.

Golden Hour – 3pm (£30 per box)
Mid-afternoon is one of the most common times of day to snack. Those who suffer from the ‘post-lunch slump’ can reform their energy levels with the Golden Hour snack box, filled with restorative refreshments for powering through the last few hours of the working day.

Afternoon Delight – 5pm (£30 per box)
A great way to end the working day is with some ‘me time’, delicious nibbles, and a mouth-watering mocktail. Preparing the evening meal can also be hungry work but Good Canteen has got the fix with the Afternoon Delight snack box.

Evening Bliss – 9pm (£35 per box)
Evening Bliss is the ideal pairing for the snacking personality who craves a post-dinner treat in front of the television. This snack box comprises CBD infused snacks and drinks that will help one relax and unwind into a blissful nights’ sleep.

Customers can select their weekly orders to arrive one Friday a month or every Friday, with the snacking ritual to commence the following Monday. Those who choose the flexible delivery option can change the snack schedule at any time ahead of selection.

Good Canteen was developed in partnership with London’s leading sustainable food and drink wholesaler, Wholegood, and was co-created with writer and editor Bre Graham.

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