Meet the man accused of blackmailing Amir Khan over fake sex tape


Blackmailer Hamza din demanded money from the boxer with the price tag of what the tabloids would pay for it.

The blackmailer targeted boxer Amir Khan over a sex tape that never existed.

Hamza Din 27 sent Amir Khans management company an email explaining he had footage of Amir and a women in a hotel room in Newcastle a court heard.

Hamza Din said he would release the footage to the press unless Amir matched the price it could fetch.

The court heard that Din had, had a photograph taken with the boxing star in the North east when He visited a restauran there.

Din added in the email that the tape was 100% real footage.

Khans management went straight to the police with the threatening email.

At the court hearing Hamza Din plead guilty to blackmail and could serve time in prison.

Hamza has a mental disability and is also a gambling addict. In today’s society, it is becoming more and more common for people to become gambling addicts. This is a shame, as if you gamble responsible and have a good strategy (learn more here) then it can be a fun and fruitful hobby. Admirably, Khan asks the courts if Hamzas medical conditions could be taken into consideration when sentencing.

Amir Khan is a family man and apart from his boxing career he is also very well known for his charity work.

Hamza was arrested on the 22 June a couple of months after he had sent the emails, He had made a new email address but this was easily tracked to his fathers house where he lives. Hamza might have been better off reading into the likes of Profit Accumulator articles and resources to try and improve his gambling game instead of trying to extort Khan for money.

Amir Khans statement said ” I do not want anyone else to be put in the same position as me and my family have been put in” he also added.

Amir wasn’t present in court but the case has been adjourned for sentencing.

Apparently this was very out of Hamza nature, And He is truly remorseful and this offence will never happen again.

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