Dr Lexington writes “Is your Fitbit keeping you a BitFat?”


Is your Fitbit keeping you a BitFat (see what I did there)
See I love these activity trackers genuinely they are fab (although I do think that the original model is still the best), but people don’t get the best use outta them and it can cause you actually to be waaaaay off where you should be!
So many people use their regular daily movements and see XXXX calories burnt and think yes I’m awesome I nailed it but in reality the calories burned there shouldn’t even really be counted as (I’m afraid to say) you’re not a rock or a sloth you’re a human being and your engineered to YOU GUESSED IT move.
So back to the fitbits and why it’s hampering you. I advise you use all the sexy features like the sleep tracker and checking your heart rate in ahem intimate times….I know some have you woulda considered this…..and whatever else yours may do but please ignore what are normally daily activities like walking around the office or to a shop. Count INTENTIONAL exercise
Reasons to ignore daily activity…
1. You should be moving as above you are not a rock so you should on average be doing 8k steps plus without even including exercise. we tend to move a lot less than we think.

  1. Your fitbit IS NOT ACCURATE you can rack up thousands of steps…driving the car…blow drying your hair…stroking the dog….typing on a keyboard….and any other random hand movements. so thinking you’ve walk 10k steps on the fitbit is probably a lot less! by movements being less the calories burnt will be less!
  2. Getting hung up on daily activity may cause an unhealthy relationship between you and movement. all you gotta do is move walking is fine were built to do so it doesn’t have to be burpees although they do make you hella sexy over time!

Please don’t stop using your pretty activity bands but bear in mind if you are aiming to get sexy in your nikky nakky noos it may have a big impact in the long term that you’re doing less than you think..


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