Pepsi Max® brings Jack Grealish, Son Heung-Min, Vini Jr. and Leah Williamson together for the ultimate game of street football in a new campaign


Pepsi Max® has brought together some of the world’s greatest footballers in London to show that all they need is a ball to create a game. The new global campaign – which coincides with Pepsi Max’s partnership with the UEFA Champions League – aims to show that “Where There’s A Ball There’s A Way” to unlock the enjoyment of the game.

The film is available here:

The quartet of international stars take on a group of locals who challenge them to a game of “Keepy-Uppy” – in which the team that allows the ball to hit the ground first has to buy the Pepsi Max for their opposition and the spectators. It also features Hollywood star and former football legend, Vinnie Jones, who makes a cameo in the spot, alongside football icon, Karen Carney.

The film challenges players to find spaces to play football and come up with creative ways of enjoying the game. The Pepsi Max ambassadors accept a challenge from a local street football team and high-octane action ensues. The resulting game features unreal trick-shots, and creative street freestyle football as the two teams face off. The global stars battle it out in an enthralling competition against the locals in Wembley outside a traditional London café taken over by Pepsi Max for the occasion.

Eric Melis, VP of Global Brand Marketing, Carbonated Soft Drinks at PepsiCo said: “We’re excited to welcome Jack Grealish to the roster of Pepsi Max global football ambassadors and to see him join the team in this campaign.

“Being thirsty for more – Pepsi Max’s philosophy – means feeling that wherever there is a ball, there is an opportunity to find new and unexpected ways to find enjoyment through the game. Whether you’re playing on the biggest stages in the world or on city streets, there’s an opportunity to unlock the enjoyment that it brings.”

The action takes place in and around Wembley Stadium in anticipation of the iconic venue hosting the UEFA Champions League Final on 1 June 2024.

The film captures jaw-dropping footballing skills. Jack Grealish is captured in slow-motion pulling-off tricks while taking selfies with fans. Son’s cheeky grin and fan-favourite signature “camera” goal celebration also makes an appearance.

Jack Grealish said, “I am thrilled to take part in this first campaign with Pepsi Max and join the team. When I was growing up, I just wanted to play—whether in the house, the street, or on the pitch. Our “Where There’s A Ball, There’s A Way” campaign aims to get more people to take every opportunity to enjoy the game.”

Son Heung-Min adds, “Whether it’s “No Ball Games” or “Keep Off The Grass” signs, there are fewer and fewer places to play. We want to inspire people to find ways to discover new ways to play football. We want to show that, whether you’re on your own, with your crew or your team, there is always a way for a game to happen if you think creatively.”

During the film, the players do all they can to keep the ball in play. They are saved by England international Leah Williamson, who rescues her teammates from near-defeat. The stars are also joined in the action by football icon Karen Carney, who pops-up to commentate on the match that is unfolding on the streets.

Leah Williamson said, “This campaign is about making everyone feel they belong in the football community, as long as they’ve got a ball and the thirst to play. I want to encourage fans—and especially women and girls—around the world to enjoy more of the game, pick up a football, and get involved no matter who or where they are.”

As the film comes to a close, Legendary Londoner Vinnie Jones appears to go head-to-head with Vini Jr. giving the locals the win against Pepsi Max’s all-star international line-up. He kicks the ball towards Wembley’s iconic arch to finish the game before proclaiming, “There’s only one Vinnie J”.

Vini Jr. said, “We’re encouraging fans around the world to challenge convention and pick up a football for the sheer pleasure of the game. I know better than anyone because street football is how I spent my childhood. I was the boy from São Gonçalo who played against a concrete wall to learn how to control the ball and it’s brought me here. This campaign reminded me that the beauty of football is that all you need is a ball and the desire to play, and you’ve got yourself a game.”

Vinnie Jones said: “Featuring alongside some of the world’s best players was a real joy. I certainly wasn’t the most conventional player during my football days, so to be involved in a Pepsi Max campaign which encourages fans to challenge convention and pick up a ball, no matter who or where they are, was something I’m proud to be part of”.

The film ends with Vini Jr. revealing that he is wearing a jacket that turns into a football which he removes and kicks for the waiting players so the game can continue.

Going forwards, Pepsi Max’s “Where There’s A Ball There’s A Way” campaign will see the brand unlock unexpected ways to play, both on and off the pitch. Fans can follow Pepsi Max channels to see more as the campaign unfolds: X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook

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