THE notorious TikTok prankster known as Mizzy has issued a fulsome apology to his victims, who he “may have mentally tortured”, and pledged to turn his life around.

Mizzy, 19, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, was sentenced to four months in prison last year following a string of viral TikTok videos in which he broke into people’s homes, including one in which he snatched an elderly woman’s dog.

He told Patrick Christys on GB News: “I apologise to all the victims in the past that I may have caused distress to, I have harassed, may have mentally tormented in any type of way.

“I apologise to them because I didn’t mean to do that. I was just having fun at the moment, but I didn’t realise that it would have negative repercussions and negative effects on their psychological way of thinking.

“So, I apologise for that. And also the one thing I have to say to young people is social media isn’t real.”

He added: “Like what I portray to the guys on the internet is that I’m just cool…I don’t give two shits, I don’t give a toss about anything.

“But me as a person. I really do care. I don’t really read comments on the internet, because if I’m asked to do that, I will probably go into a depressive state.

But for everyone to say what they’re saying, it’s enough for me to realise that what I’ve done is bad. You don’t want to go into the same tangent that I went on to, where it was just a constant cycle of going to jail, doing this, and then continuing on the same thing, because that’s all I know.

“All I can say to you guys is believe in yourself and there’s bigger things you can do out there than just be in absolute menace on the internet or being anti-social.

“If you have ambitions – I like to read, I like music. I want to go deeper into my passions so I understand me as a person. I’m not what other people think.”

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