£150 Energy rebate payment rollout begins in Harlow


Harlow Council has now started making payments of the government’s £150 energy rebate, and to date over £2.2 million will be paid to over 15,000 eligible residents’ bank accounts.

The £150 energy rebate is in addition to Harlow Council’s £50 reduction in Council Tax.

On Wednesday (27 April) payments totalling £1,657,350.00 were made to 11,049 households who paid their Council Tax by Direct Debit on 1 April 2022.

Payments totalling £638,250 have been made today to 4,255 households who paid their Council Tax by Direct Debit on 8 and 15 April.

These payments will take three working days to clear in residents’ bank accounts.

The process has been a complex one as the council has had to implement new software to deliver the scheme and wait until Direct Debit payments for Council Tax have been received and processed before our Revenues and Benefits team were in a position to make these payments, which is now under way.

We are still working on processing payments to those households who paid their Council Tax by Direct Debit on 25 April before submitting their energy rebates, this should take place within the next week.
For those households who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit the energy rebate scheme will continue running into May and, if necessary, June to pick up any new Direct Debit payers eligible for the rebate or deal with those who have moved their instalment payment dates.
As payments are made, residents eligible for the rebate will receive a letter to advise of the payment.
For those households who do not pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit, but are eligible for the energy rebate, a letter will be sent out inviting them to complete an online form. We are sending a letter rather than an email in order to prevent fraud. For residents who are not technology confident, we will be offering an alternative process.
It is expected that these letters will be sent out in May.
Work is also ongoing to establish eligibility criteria for a discretionary energy rebate scheme, which we will update residents on as plans are set in place.
For more information on the energy rebate and our Energy Rebate Policy, visit www.harlow.gov.uk/council-tax/council-tax-rebate-and-dividend

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