Jackie Doyle-Price responds to Lower Thames Crossing consultation


Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has submitted her response to the latest round of consultation by National Highways on the Lower Thames crossing.

She said, “I have reaffirmed my position to this route.  I continue to believe that it is flawed.  I would prefer a route which bypasses our residential communities completely.

I have asked National Highways to reconsider the route on the North side of the Thames and I have made the following specific asks:

1)            Highways England should take responsibility for the A13.

2)            East facing slip roads should be delivered at the A13 junction with Lakeside to alleviate congestion at Junction 30.  This will enable more efficient operation of the Dartford crossing and facilitate development in line with Thurrock’s local plan.

3)            The plans for the LTC/A13 road junction should redesigned and should be reconsidered alongside the inclusion of crucial LTC road junctions at Tilbury and at Ockendon.

4)            There should be a Junction at Tilbury and future provision made for another at Ockendon.

Whilst we need more Thames crossings this is not the route we want.  Nonetheless, this is the route, which is coming, and it is essential that representations are made if we are to ensure that this new route brings advantage to road users in Thurrock and makes sure that our roads do not suffer additional congestion. These specific requests will mitigate the impact on Thurrock.  We must make sure we get the best from this that we possibly can.

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