New bitcoin games and features to be launched in 2021.


The online gambling industry has seen a lot of change and innovation over the last few years, but none of them have perhaps had as big an impact as the introduction of cryptocurrencies to gambling. There has already been a lot of interest in cryptocurrencies over the last couple of years, which has been largely driven by the stunning rise in price of Bitcoin, and so it has been no surprise that cryptocurrency-linked gambling sites have also seen a lot of increased traffic during this time. This has been especially true in 2020, when people were looking for new ways of entertainment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and such sites offered a great alternative to land-based casinos, which had to close their doors. These bitcoin jackpot games have proved to be a huge hit, and there are some exciting developments in this space lined up for 2021.

One of the leading sites in this space has been busy at work, adding two new games to their lineup in December 2020, as well as bringing in a wallet integration program which made it possible to get around restrictions to instant transactions, making it an extremely important step for the site as well as the crypto-casino ecosystem. At the same time, the site was also added to the HandCash Connect app gallery, which makes it much easier for players to access the site. They will also be able to conduct transactions much quicker than earlier as a result of this collaboration. The two new games added to their stable are CoinFlip and Wheel, with both these games getting a very favourable response from early users. The site operators have been conducting promotions for these games as well, with huge prizes in the form of cryptocurrency tokens to be won. There are also higher payouts for their existing games during this time, which makes it a great time for crypto gamblers to be engaged in this space.

Such crypto-based gambling sites have become some of the biggest innovators in the online gambling space, and they are driving this sector forwards. There has been a lot of interest as well as investment in cryptocurrencies over the last year or so, and with more and more people getting drawn to this space as the price of Bitcoin, in particular, continues to rise, it stands to reason that areas where cryptocurrencies can be used in practical application will also see increased interest. Of course, there are also attempts being made to bring cryptocurrencies into mainstream finance, with PayPal announcing recently that it will soon begin supporting cryptocurrencies on its platform. With such huge payment platforms beginning to accept cryptocurrencies, it will become much easier for people to make their usual transactions through crypto, which will further increase its appeal. PayPal has millions of merchants on its platform, which will increase the visibility of cryptocurrencies as well, and also drive more people to learn more about crypto.

In any case, in terms of the online gambling space, there is a lot to be excited about in 2021. There are a number of new games lined up across various sites, with promotional offers which will give players the chance to earn cryptocurrency, while transaction times are also dropping, as more wallets are integrated into these systems, and more payment providers begin accepting crypto transactions. Thus, we can expect that the online gambling market will soon be dominated by such crypto casino sites, especially if crypto can become commonplace with people using it for regular transactions, and so these sites which have already moved into this space have a big advantage to play with over the coming months and years.

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