All You Should Know About Dress Code Standards In Premium Casinos


When you visualize a casino, the picture that likely appears is one of class, glamour, and elegance. This image is not coincidental as casinos are not only about gambling – they’re about the premium experience and the feeling you get that it’s the playground of the rich. To fit in this picture of splendor and not stand out (or not be kicked out in the case of an extreme faux pas), you should research the casino’s dress code and know what outfits you should avoid.

Although Las Vegas can seem to be surprisingly relaxed, there are specific rules that you should follow if you want to make bets on the main casino floor. However, if you don’t feel like gambling all suited up, you can just click here and enjoy playing your favorite games online, dressed up in your comfy tracksuit.

General Rules

The first rule of the casino dress code is to visit the website of the place you want to game in before you decide to stroll around the building confidently. Various casinos, even the premium ones, can surprise you with their special requirements and lists of banned clothing items, such as black sunglasses allowed only while playing poker.

Secondly, plenty of casinos nowadays have become more relaxed, as wealthy business people enter the casino doors straight after getting off their yachts. If you plan to visit the casino during the daytime, plenty of them allow you to wear semi-formal attire, similar to the outfit you would wear in a restaurant.

Moreover, the following rules regard mostly the main casino floors. If you want to drop by and play on the slot machines or you’re having a quick lunch inside, you don’t need a James Bond-like tuxedo. However, if you are going to participate in the high-end full night experience, the rule is more straightforward – go formal.

General Don’ts

In most cases, there is a list of banned clothing items. Some of them are obvious such as a ban on wearing flip-flops that definitely don’t apply to a smart casino dress code. Then, even during the daytime, shorts, sportswear, or graphic T-shirts might not be the best choice as well. Most of the casinos also ban headwear and work uniforms. The same goes with ripped jeans – casual business look can be a dress code that applies, but once you read that the allowed attire is more relaxed, don’t go too far; leave your gym clothes at home.

White Tie

If you even encounter the label ‘white tie,’ you should be prepared for the highest form of elegance. Usually, it’s not a requirement unless there is a special event in the casino.

Women should wear a floor-length gown combined with elegant jewelry and a small evening bag. It’s a full evening dress code, so don’t worry, even the white gloves are not too much. Shoes, however, don’t need to be obligatory high-heeled. It’s not banned, but flat shoes are not misplaced and definitely more comfortable while gambling.

When it comes to men, a white collared shirt is expected. Additionally, you should wear a white vest and a white bow tie. Don’t forget a pair of leather shoes, and you are ready for a high-end evening casino event.

Black Tie

A ‘black tie’ dress code is more popular than white, and usually, you should follow its rules after 6 pm in the premium casinos. Women don’t need to wear gowns, although they’re preferred. But if your cocktail dress is fancy and elegant enough, it’s also acceptable (One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress, as Coco Channel claims).

Moreover, if you prefer pantsuits – go for it! They’re classy, on-trend, and commonly worn as formal attire as long as they’re in darker colors. Accessories should be kept in a minimalistic manner so that you don’t look kitsch. Follow the popular fashion rule that less is more.

Men’s formal attire is not as strict as a white tie either. Men can wear a tie alternatively to a bowtie, and a waistcoat is optional. A Buttoned-down shirt is the right choice, but you can also get a little bit crazier with colors. Your outfit doesn’t need to be entirely black-and-white, so even though white shirts are preferred, burgundy or dark blue is also acceptable.

If you notice the dress code titled ‘black tie optional’ don’t be surprised, as it’s similar to the black-tie, but a little more relaxed. It would be best if you were as formal as you can, but a little variety is allowed.


Remember that business casual or formal business attire is acceptable in most casinos, and casino dress codes vary. If it’s your first visit to a premium casino, ensure if the level of elegance, such as long white gloves, is required. It all depends on the time of the day you want to visit a casino and the experience you want to have.

To avoid a faux pas, follow those rules, and be smart – iron your favorite cocktail dress, and wear elegant clothing to be the best-looking gambler in Las Vegas. And remember, the more high-dollar the casino, the more care you will need to take when choosing what to wear.

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