From Las Vegas to Bas Vegas: How Essex Offers a Slice of Sin City Living


Home to more than 200,000 slot machines and a holiday destination for 40 million people each year, Las Vegas is undeniably the world’s gambling capital – although the prospect of being able to play free slot game online using sites like is converting many to online casinos instead. Yes, Macau may be able to lay claim to generating the most revenue from casino games. However, when it comes to iconic betting hubs, few can top Vegas. Many try to recreate the betting mecha through sites like bong88 net and succeed in their market but Vegas is the stuff of legends. In fact, such is its allure that entire industries have either been inspired by or taken influence from Sin City. With sites similar to singing it’s praise, not many can see why Las Vegas isn’t the legendary destination many say it is.

Las Vegas Enriches the Entertainment World

Take, for example, the movie world. As far back is the 1950s, Las Vegas has been a regular haunt for Hollywood’s elite. Then, of course, you’ve got music’s top names. From Elvis and Frank Sinatra to modern legends such as Elton John, all have held residencies in the city’s top casinos. Moving from reality to fiction, Vegas also holds a prominent place on the silver screen. Comedy capers, crime flicks and thrillers have all be set in the gaming haven. While many movie-goers will instantly think of The Hangover franchise, those into classics will hail Martin Scorsese’s Casino is the definitive Vegas movie.

Sticking with the world of entertainment, the online gaming industry has also been shaped by Las Vegas. Today, anyone that’s old enough and has access to a regulated site can enjoy the Sin City experience from the comfort of their own home. From new casino operators such as Wildz offering 200 free spins, PayPal deposits and mobile interfaces to established betting brands, the industry is awash with options. Indeed, it’s now the case that consumers can compare and contrast the top options available to ensure they find the best deals and, moreover, the best Vegas-style experience.

Essex Inspired by the Neon Lights of Sin City

That’s great, but what does it have to do with Essex? Well, just as the neon lights have lit up other industries, they’ve also given our fair county a certain glow. Today, when you survey the local entertainment scene, you’ll find shades of Las Vegas in all corners of the county. For example, if you take a trip to the coast and Southend, you’ll not only find an array of arcades but the Rendezvous Casino. Located in the Eastern Esplanade part of the seafront, the venue boasts a selection of slots, table games and live entertainment. In fact, to keep up with modern tastes, the casino now provides as much of a night out for non-gamblers as gamblers.

Across the county, the Vegas influence manifests itself in many other ways. Of course, we all know about Bas Vegas aka Basildon. The local council may be in the process of making the Festival Leisure Park more of a family destinationbut it remains Essex’s answer (sort of) to Sin City. The same goes for drinking hotspots such as Chinnerys and the ever-popular Coco, which hosts burlesque cabaret nights. You see, even though Vegas is 5,271 miles away, it’s style and substance have touched the county. Naturally, entrepreneurs have added their own sprinkle of Essex class to the mix. However, the ethos of excess, revelry and entertainment remain a constant.

Indeed, if we look at Coco, the decision to fuse live entertainment, booth-style seating, DJs and dining is straight out of the Las Vegas playbook. In fact, the only thing that’s different from Le Cabaret Bar inside Caesars Palace is the fact you’re not within arm’s rich of a slot game offering a $1 million jackpot.

Other than that, you’ll not only find a dose of Sin City at Coco but places across Essex. That’s a testament to our county’s love of entertainment but also the enduring allure of the world’s most popular casino destination.

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