3 minute guide: How to order tyres online the right way


It really doesn’t matter what type of automotive you drive, importance of having the right car tyres is undeniable. Even if you drive an old car, but its tyres are on point, chances are that you will be able to get the most out of your vehicle without facing abrupt car breakdowns in the middle of a journey.

Driving in Essex is not easy, especially when new cars are being seen on the road every year. Let’s take the example of A12 which is basically an arterial road for Essex. During rush hours, you cannot afforfd a flat tyre as the road will be fully congested.

Now the real question is, when you become admattant to the fact that car tyres are important and want to buy new ones, how do you really order the right tyres online?

With so many websites showcasing a diverse range of tyres, how do you find your best match and that also in the right amount of price?  Our quick guide will eradicate all your confusion and make you smarter when ordering your new tyres online!

Check the customer reviews
Although it does seem pretty obvious to check the customer reviews before actually buying from a tyre brand but it is a very important point when you are aiming at trying a new brand. Customer reviews are the perfect mirror to show what the brand is really about. If you could check in your friends or family circles to verify the brand, it will be even better.

Keep an eye on hidden charges
When we order tyres online, sometimes we don’t thoroughly analyse what we are getting into. Some tyre companies have hidden charges and they add up to become a big amount eventually and you don’t want that. These extra charges can include fitting charges or service charges. There are many transparent websites in Essex which won’t add extra charges. A good recommendation to order tyres online is Jet Wheel Tyre as all their prices are up on the website and they don’t pile up any extra costs later. You can call them here too 01268 988552

Try mobile fitting for emergencies
The best thing about online shopping is, you get to experiment and try out new things. Mobile tyre fitting is the perfect rescuer when it comes to handling emergencies. In this case the fitter will come to you and all you have to do is mention your home or work address. This enables the ordering process to be faster because you don’t even have to drive to the garage now – their staff will come to you.

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