Introducing the Real Wine Gums


Mix the grape and the cane and enjoy the rich, complex and downright deliciously boozy flavour of luxury sweets made from ‘edible wine’

“A cheeky little number… Fleshy yet velvety textures with ripe plum and black cherry flavours and a soft finish!” Not the sort of description you’d normally associate with a pack of bon bons but these are no ordinary yummy gummies.

Invented in the UK in 1909 by Charles Gordon Maynard – the son of a teetotal Methodist sweet-maker – the original pastilles merely name-checked fermented grape juice. It took another 100 years and a clutch of clever, opportunity-knocking Dutch confectioners before Real Wine Gums became a thing.

And since these considerate candies are alcohol, gluten, fat, nut, gelatine, and lactose free, they can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone. Even Charles Riley Maynard, God rest your gummy soul.

The Lowdown:

  • Real Wine Gums
  • Choose from 4 delicious vino flavours – earthy, floral, botanical and fruity
  • Gluten, fat, nut, gelatin, and lactose free – suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Real Wine Gums are available in a choice of flavours, Merlot, Chardonnay, Rose and Riesling from The Fowndry from £7.49

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