Direct cremations to double in the next five years


With soaring funeral costs and changing attitudes, 1 in 5 people in the UK will choose direct cremation instead of a traditional funeral in the next five years says a leading industry expert.

Direct cremation is a simple dignified cremation – but without the pomp and ceremony of a funeral service. A cheaper fuss-free alternative, direct cremation appeals to those looking to save money but, more frequently, families wanting to avoid the upset and worry of a service at a church or crematorium.

Ashley Shepherd MD and founder of later life planning specialists, Over50choices and pioneer of UK’s first prepaid direct cremation comparison service explains:“Families are turning to direct cremation instead of traditional cremation services for a number of reasons, embracing the idea of separating the cremation process from the ceremony, leaving them free to say goodbye in a way that suits them – be it a drink down the local pub or a perhaps a family gathering when scattering the ashes.

“Those on tighter budgets see it as more affordable option. You can purchase a prepaid direct cremation plan that will guarantee to freeze all of your costs at today’s prices from as little as £1,600 whereas a traditional prepaid plan costs between £3,300 to £4,300 – so there are considerable savings to be made.

Andwith UK funeral costs currently averaging £4,078 it’s not surprising to see why they are increasing in popularity. In fact, in the US, direct cremations accounted for 37% of all cremations in 2016.

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