Local boy of 9 helped by kind strangers


52 Lives launched by a mum of two is a website which aims to change someone’s life every week of the year through small collective, random acts of kindness.

It is based on the simple premise that people are good. And lots of good people working together can achieve amazing things. 52 Lives is supported by almost 100,000 kind strangers and 52 celebrities.

A few weeks ago a 52 Lives put out a story on its website about Max to ask supporters to do something kind for him. Max is 9 years old and from Benfleet. He is non-verbal, and completely dependent on an adult for personal and health care needs.

He sleeps in a hospital-style bed at home and needs to be medicated, fed and changed through the night. 

Despite more than 8 years of tests and treatment, Max’s parents still don’t have a clear diagnosis for him. He is under 8 teams at Great Ormond Street Hospital and undergoing genetic tests but it may be years until those tests provide any answers as to what is happening to their little boy. Max’s parents, Laura and Dave, get 4 hours a week of respite care for him. The rest of the time Laura cares for him 24 hours a day, while Dave works as a heating engineer.

Max’s wheelchair was delivered last Friday. Would you be interested in doing a story on how much was raised for Max by kind strangers all over the world? Jaime Thurston founder of 52 Lives and Laura and Dave are available for interview.

For more information on Max and his family, and the work this amazing charity does please see www.52-lives.org

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