Winstag: Widen Your Fashion Circles and Learn the Latest Trends Directly from the Masters of Style


Can’t get enough of the latest trends in fashion? What if you can have an app that centers solely on fashion and style with features that call to mind Instagram? Indeed, if there is a social app that any fashion aficionado would certainly love, it’s Winstag. 

While it does cater to people who want to be informed about what the latest celebrities, bloggers, and fashion leaders are wearing; it also makes for a platform for the latter to showcase their aesthetic tastes in fashion. This is why if you have the flair for style in apparels, then this app is also perfect for you.


It works much like any other photo-sharing platform as far as the creation of individual profiles is concerned. You may set your name and upload a photo then immediately start posting your outfit photos. You are also given a feed through which every post that is public or made by your friends or the ones you’re following will be made accessible to you. Otherwise, you can opt to explore the app first and add people as friends. You can actually use the app’s special invite option to invite your friends to try it out.

You’ll find that one strong aspect of the app is its tagging feature. For every outfit you choose to share, you may freely tag the individual items you’re wearing not only to serve as a ready reference but for others to promptly be able to purchase it.

This is because tags also serve as links to third-party store Zalando where the specific or the similar item is being sold. You only need to tap on the tag to get there. It’s for this reason that it’s safe to say that the app really knows how to capitalize on the power of tagging.

You may even use the built-in search function to search for items you want using keywords; you can search for people or specific tags you’re interested in. Lastly, you may also like the fact that the app can be integrated into other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, so everything you post on Winstag will be promptly shared in your FB or Twitter account.


Winstag also has a cash prize referral system as well for users. This seeks to reward them based on the number of brands that they tag and friends they’re able to invite into the platform. Prizes are rewarded in sterling.

For instance, if you invite 10 friends, you get 15 STG as a reward; invite 25 and get 45 STG, go for 50 and you get 100 STG, and so on.

The same goes for brands but you have to ensure that they’re different brands and that they’re properly linked and tagged in your posts. Also, take note that there is a limit to the number of brands you can tag, as the first 50 users that tag them or invite friends are usually the only ones who are privileged to receive the bonuses.


Winstag’s focus on fashion as well as the capability of most users to immediately gain access and buy the individual items on each post of other users through tags are but two of the defining features of this app (besides its cash prize system). They are also what make the app ultimately a whole lot different from others in the same category. It’s also a perfect tool for entrepreneurs, if they happen to be looking for a way to connect directly with their customers’ respective passions.

You can get the Winstag app here to show your trendy outfits & fashion move – 

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