50 drivers found driving without a seatbelt during Hadleigh traffic operation


A traffic operation held in Hadleigh saw 47 drivers driving without a seatbelt and 25 drivers using a mobile phone at the wheel.

This is a serious offense, as people are more likely to suffer serious injuries without a seatbelt, and people who are on their phone are more likely to cause an accident.

Being on a phone means that you are not paying 100% attention to the road. So if you cause an accident then it is your fault. There are plenty of people who follow the rules of the road, but unfortunately, due to other people’s negligence, they get caught up in an accident. The good news is, that they can hire a lawyer (like this Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer) to help them get any compensation that they deserve for the injuries that they have had to suffer. However, people would prefer not to be in an accident if they can avoid it. Which is why people need to follow the highway code.

Officers from our Casualty Reduction Section held a dedicated operation on London Road, Hadleigh on Saturday, September 16, to help to reduce those killed and seriously injured on our roads by using a combination of engagement and enforcement.

Throughout the operation, 47 drivers were dealt with for failing to wear a seatbelt whilst driving and 25 drivers were found to be driving whilst using their mobile phone, each driver was dealt with accordingly.

Five drivers were found to be driving in excess of the speed limit and one driver was found to be driving without valid insurance and had their car seized under Section 165. Two drivers were found to be driving without a valid MOT and one driver was dealt with for having a tyre below the legal limit. Driving with these unlawful conditions discovered if an accident were to happen it would cause a lot of trouble for those involved. If you find yourself in an accident within any of the conditions you might want to seek advice from a law firm similar to Morris, King, & Hodge P.C. who might be able to help you with your case.

There is a reason that all these laws are put in place when it comes to driving. They are there to keep you safe and to avoid getting into an accident that can cause an injury. If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered from a personal injury then you can click here to find out What to expect when you have a personal injury. This might mean you might need to get medical care or get a lawyer involved. More importantly, in order to try to stop people from getting an injury seat belts are there to save your life if you ever get into a car accident. Sometimes the car accident isn’t even your fault. If this is the case then you should get yourself a lawyer (why not check out Gruber Law Offices to help you out). Once you have a lawyer then hopefully you can get some compensation for any injuries that you sustained or to help you with any damages done to your car.

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