Inside Marcus Tisson’s Ground-breaking Mental Health Initiative


by Matthew Martino

Last summer Marcus Tisson’s life changed dramatically, His mother tragically took her own life on 21st August 2016 at Mile End underground Station after suffering years of depression. A month after this, His father passed away having suffered from mental health issues for pretty much all of my adult life. 

Now Tisson has set himself the task of supporting those who might be suffering from mental illness or depression, The local decided he would embark on a mission to help save the lives of others.

Don’t Suffer in Silence a campaign which has a popular page on Facebook, earlier this year saw a gala arranged in London which helped raise awareness, now Tisson plans events to help bring people together and to support people. Talk & Trim is an upcoming event the group are planning to be held at Slicks barbers,E3.

Tisson today told us “Since my mother passed away, it has been brought to my attention that she was by no means the only person battling this illness alone and has inspired my campaign “Don’t suffer in silence”.


Discussing how mental health is still a big issue that needed more attention he told us “Mental health is still a rising problem as my campaign gets loads of messages from people saying they can’t get help, waiting list to see a professional councillor is months waiting list.”

He added “I feel GP’s are not trained in how to deal with people with mental illness and just give out tablets. I work in a school and there are many young people with mental health and get overlooked.

If you want to find out more or support Marcus and Don’t Suffer in Silence please visit –

Photo credit:  Tevin.jrdn & THRDS

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