Heavy D on CBB “The most entertaining housemates always get evicted first”


by Heavy D \\ Columnist

So Paul has been evicted from the Big Brother House…

The biggest shock eviction well, since I was evicted this time last year..

Jemma Lucy brought up Paul’s 1 yr old son in an argument in which Paul flipped. 

Reminds me of last year when Katie ‘Weasel’ in a fit of rage, brought up my daughter, within 24 hours, I, myself had been voted off the show..

British Voting Public, what the hell is wrong with you? 

The most entertaining housemates always get evicted first.

And I guarantee it will be the same people who voted Paul off who will be complaining on social media that CBB is boring now. 

And who hell is voting for Helen and Derek?

Paul has done enough to be a CBB ‘Hall of Famer’ he will be remembered no doubt about it…
Someone else got evicted, Brandi, not that you would have noticed.

Her interview after was one of the dullest I have ever seen on CBB. A total let down. CBB should get a refund because whatever she promised the producers she didn’t deliver. 

Come to think of it, all of the ‘Americans’ have been so disappointing this series. 

All of them going down quicker than Jem Lucy’s knickers on a night out. 

Finally, we have Chad and Sarah. Is it a showmance I hear you cry?


I am the Nostradamus of calling out Showmances! I’ve never been wrong! 

SHOWMANCE is the latest Reality TV party trick that keeps you in the party! 

Sandi has piped up this week, which is good to see, hopefully we’ll see a lot more of her this week. 

Sandi is still my pick to win the show. 

That’s all for now! 

Until the next time 


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