Strawberries and Creem Festival Was EVERYTHING


by Lauren Brown

Saturday 17th June brought us Strawberries and Creem festival in Haggersfield Farm, Cambridge.

Thankfully the weather was on our side reaching 28 degrees as vibrant festival goers danced to the likes of J Hus, Wiley and Shaggy, with an alternative house/electro area just metres away for those ravers desperate to shuffle away.

With over 5000 attendees, the young founders of the festival delivered a third year of success, still however creating a much more intimate setting than the likes of Glastonbury and Reading. Strawberries and Creem boasted three stages, allowing each of them to be accessible, all within metres from one another, so we weren’t fighting to get to the front of the crowd, or squashed like sardines during set times.

The afternoon started off calm and prosperous and as the heat of the sun cooled, music gradually got louder, the bass reverberated and artists bleated uncontrollably into the crowd, encouraging us all to ‘make some f**king noise, and we did just that!

Strangely, we weren’t traipsing through knee deep mud, nor were we having to walk miles to find other artists, toilets or food.

What more could you ask for?Despite their sunburnt backs, the youngsters were thrilled; grinding, twirking, and dutty whining all over the shop, giving the person standing directly behind them a very satisfying experience. I could not help but feel a sense of elation today, surrounded by welcoming faces, although I’m sure this had something to do with the amount of alcohol consumed (by them not me) The day was a success and what better location than Cambridge to bring students, families and a variety of audiences together.

See you next time S&C

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