Donald Trump … An Update by Kerri Mitchell


by Kerri Mitchell

It has been around 220 days since the world awoke to the unexpected news that Donald and Mickey were to take over the reins of the most powerful country in the world and we are now fast approaching 6 months since the pair were sworn in.

Scare stories were rampant all over the press and social media similar to those when Ronald Regan was elected; the world would be plunged into a post nuclear confrontation abyss within a few weeks, if not days. There has been sabre rattling on both sides.

Angry words and posturing by East and West. Even some conventional military stand-offs. Yet, despite all this….. the world is still here. No huge explosions that vapourise people instantly.

Ask yourself what would be in it for Mr Trump with his US$3.5 billion fortune (source: Forbes). There would after be very little to spend it on in a post-apocalyptic world. Perhaps this is an example of what a nuclear deterrent can achieve – Mutually Assured Destruction isn’t actually that tempting…….

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