Outlet Sussex Chronicle looks at potential Essex ventures


New kids on the block Sussex Chronicle who recently launched this last week are now potentially looking at Essex ventures to help ‘diversify their media interests’ a statement by the companies board has said.

The Sussex Chronicle which relaunched just last week is owned by media publishers 2Trom Media Group whose other titles include The Daily Brit and EyeWitness Reporter, although they hope to service the greater part of Sussex, Kent and surrounding areas they are hoping to snap up a similar outfit in Essex to boost their offering.

Group chief executive Lewis Drazen tells us ‘It is a very exciting time for us at the moment and the exciting news is that Sussex as a whole is a good place filled with lovely hardworking people and I feel other parts of the UK share the same attributes, as a Group we feel Essex is now our next stop’

To find out more about Sussex Chronicle visit www.sussexchronicle.co.uk/about 

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