Louella Walker: ‘Celebs Go Dating was totally grasping’


by Louella Walker

Last night’s episode of Celebs Go Dating was totally grasping, but firstly can I just put it out there that Jonathan Cheban has got it in the bag for pulling out one of the best dates ever, I think everyone watching would agree. A private jet to Paris to see the sights, champagne, caviar and crepes… what more could a girl want. 

All was going so well for him apart from the fact he could remember Miss Wales name…slightly rude Jonathan. We all thought it was going well until he decided on the jet home that Miss Wales isn’t the one for him, poor girl, although we all secretly can’t wait for tonight’s episode to see him break the news to her. Everyone loves a bit of drama.

Another main topic of the show was penis pumping…. Let’s all admit after watching, we all searched to find the video. But like Ferne I cringed as soon as I started watching and turned it off before it got too far. Ferne clearly is having as much luck as the other celebs on her dates and they aren’t getting any better. The date started well but she only had one thing on her mind. The conversation was awful and the date was just plain awkward.

“What is your favourite condiment?” has to be THE worst conversation starter ever… call it a night guys, this date isn’t going any further.

Joey Essex seemed really head over heels for a Scottish blonde on the show. I love Joey Essex, he seems like such a genuine nice person. His jokes and flirty comments towards his date showed how nervous he actually was.

Joey is always very confident but you could 100% tell how much he liked this girl. At first she was playing hard to get which worried Joey, but in the end she came clean that she liked him. He was made up… I really like the two as a pair and hope they go on another date.

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