An Interview With BGT’s Paul Manners


Paul Manners is a singer songwriter most notable for just stint on Britain’s Got Talent, he is also a DJ and TV critic – we pulled him in for a chat

Q) Hi Paul, how are you? It’s been a while since we last spoke with you. What have you been up to since the new year?

PM:It has been a while and I’m hoping you all we keeping well. Since the new year, I’ve been doing appearances at events (including Rio Ferdinand’s restaurant opening and the signing of my good friend/ fellow charity patron Paul Konchesky at Billericay Football Club), DJ-ing (including party nights for ITV 2’s Ibiza Weekenders) and hosting quiz nights.

Q) You recently released a new single called “I Adore” we saw plenty of hype and promo for it how did it do and did it exceed your expectations? 

PM: As far as I know people are still kindly downloading it, I would love to see it reach the charts one day and hope to be filming the music video for it soon.

Q) Paul we can help but notice your always at the most exclusive red carpet events, we haven’t seen anyone else appear at so many exclusive events as you get invited to how do you do it?

PM: It’s always a pleasure to make such a positive impact upon others and receive invitations to attend so many events. It’s an honour that others look up to me and invite me to them. I get invitations sent to me directly through social media or via my management. I love to help create a positive atmosphere at them and be supportive towards others whom are always there for me.

Q) You always do so much for Charities Paul and we see you at a lot of football Charity Matches, which is your favourite Charity you work with and why?

PM: I love every charity which truly aims to make a difference for others, particularly cancer charities as my mum passed away from cancer when I was 19. The charity which I’m a patron of, ‘Stacey’s Smiles’ brings a smile of support to children who are suffering with neuroblastoma cancer.

Q) Keeping with the Football Charity theme what position do you play? Who has been your favourite celebrity you have played with or against?

PM:I normally play in goal and as it’s all for charity I love creating entertainment to entertain the crowd. If I can I get the mascots in goal, sometimes let some silly ones in if being distracted and often pull off some good saves too. The last game I played my goalkeeping got blamed; but how can I create a miracle if I have hardly any defence when the rest are goal-hanging! lol

Q) What other TV shows are on your wish list for this year? Your very versatile which must be a bonus!?

PM: I wouldn’t mind going on celebrity specials of quiz shows (i.e. the chase, pointless), reality shows or even shows which require to learn a script. I’d enjoy making a cameo on shows like Benidorm, Ibiza Weekenders or even soaps.

Q) You have done Britain’s Got Talent which made you a household name with the nation, would you do X-Factor, The Voice UK or even go back for a 2nd shot at BGT?

PM: I would love to do X-Factor if given the opportunity or even return to Britain’s Got Talent as a guest performer on the live shows one day or even as a contestant. I was the reserve act for 2015 and even signed a pre-record deal with Simon Cowell; I would love to be fully given the opportunity to have seen it through if I was on the live shows.

Q8) Who is your celebrity crush?

I don’t actually have a celebrity crush as I’m very fussy on whom I choose to be with, I like women who are not full of themselves, funny, caring, thoughtful and fun to be with too.

Q) We have seen you have been busy doing PA’s and Meet and Greets with your Management Lucky Seven, how have they been and tell our readers how it works?

PM: I am grateful for all of the support they give to me. My manager gets the events and takes a percentage. I’ve never been let down by my management and have always been paid correctly. I do love having the personal touch though in running my own social media accounts single handed.

Q) You’re one of our regular columnists for Essex TV, if you could cover one TV programme to tweet and do a feature column on what would you choose?

PM: I’ve done the apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother, if I had the time I would’ve liked to have covered Celebs Go Dating. We’ll see which other reality shows may come up and I’ll make the time to cover them, maybe Summer’s Big Brother.

Q) Finally Paul what can we expect to see happening in Paul Manners World over the next few months?

PM: More entertainment in appearances, charity football matches, DJ-ing, music and definitely more television; of which I can’t discuss as of yet so you’ll all have to wait and see.

Any news at first hand can be found on my main Facebook page and Twitter social media accounts. @PaulM_Official 

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