Kristy Lani the well known Instagrammer launches clothing brand


The DON’T LABEL is an exclusive clothing brand based in London and Norway. Mixing contemporary aesthetics with high fashion elements, the capsule collections are designed and modeled by the Co-Founder Kristy Lani the well known Instagrammer. The clothing line will be available for pre-order on the 19th of February 2017, and shipping will be available to all European countries. Whilst the company is quite small currently, they’re planning to grow the company and add more products in the future. When they do consider adding new products, they might want to get in contact with a fashion photography company to help them capture the best images and videos of the clothing. The clearer the images, the more the customers can see. This should help customers to get a better look at the clothes, hopefully, encouraging them to purchase some things from the website.

The DON’T LABEL is a brand that stands for being one of a kind, proud, and accepting everyone, which will be shown by fresh designs, and each capsule is produced at a limited quantity to make it exclusive to be true to ‘being one of a kind’.

Kristy Lani has an Instagram following of 195,000, which just goes to show that the content she is producing is encouraging more and more people to give her a follow. Whilst some Instagrammers like Kirsty have the ability to grow their following through their content, others find it considerably harder, and instead decide to look at how growth sites, that have been reviewed at places like The Small Business Blog can give them a helping hand in this area. There is no shame in this, as every Instagram user has the same thing in common; spreading the word about what they are passionate about. Kristy Lani said that “my love for fashion and my unique style has resulted in my followers always asking me for style tips and advice which pushed me to start my own clothing line, to allow my followers to get a sense into my style and also share it”.

When it came to growing her social following, Kristy knows all too well how hard it can be. Her friend struggled for a while to build her follower count. If it wasn’t for another friend of hers recommending that she look into an Instagram bot for her profile, who knows where their accounts would be? Jonathon Spire blogs diligently about this tool and has often mentioned how doing your own research is crucial in finding ways to increase the number of people that follow a social account. There should be no shame in this. Services like these are here for reason, so don’t be afraid to utilize them. Now Kristy and her friend are able to interact with fans and spread the word about new products!

As it is an exclusive collection at a limited quantity prices will range from £10-£60, consisting of 6 items; 3 tops, tights and 2 hats.

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