Here comes Ibiza Weekender XXL ! Dont miss this exciting series


It’s the start of another sizzling summer season in Ibiza as Head Rep, David, welcomes his new team to the party isle. We already got a snip of the action last Sunday on ITV and with weeks more to come here is what to expect.

Some old faces return alongside some newbies but has David put together a crack team of reps and how will they fare over the coming summer, especially after hearing they are all on probation and could be sent home at any minute?

Everyone’s favourite ‘himbo’ Deano is back but how will he find working with rep royalty Imogen, the self-confessed love of his life, now that she has a boyfriend. And what will happen as he gets to know new rep, Laura, who he calls his “dream girl” within hours of meeting her?

Hayley joins the troop as a new rep but will what she describes as her “dream job” turn out to be so?

Jordan makes his return to the White Isle after leaving halfway through the last season to be with his girlfriend. But he’s back. He’s single. And he’s Assistant Head Rep. When he meets guests Geordies Jade and Bethan his lothario-side makes a reappearance but could this be more than just a holiday romance with Bethan? And what mischief could the fellow guests, Manchester lads, Geo, Matt and Sam get up to under the rep’s watch?

Rykard is the final rep to join the team and after his own success at finding love on ITV2’s Love Island last year, he is turning his hand to being the cupid of the group. But will he prove to be a heavyweight matchmaker or should be just stick to lifting weights and leading the group workouts?

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