Paul Manners on #CBB: Be prepared for offensive language… more like be prepared for a good cringe


By Paul Manners

Be prepared for offensive language…..more like me prepared for a good cringe; here we go with episode three of celebrity big brother. After watching the highlights from the past two days, things are already heating up.

So, after seeing the vibrant credits we see highlights of everyone entering the house….is this where I should fast forward as seeing all of this before? Guess it’s the handy thing about watching it on demand lol ok I’m seriously pressing fast forward! Omg Calum’s reaction to his mum entering the house has just made TV Gold, sorry mate. Going to have to wind you up next time I see you at a charity football match.

I have to say that the producers did well by mixing in Ray J with Stacy; but can we not let the icon Whitney Houston rest in peace please, I’m guessing that this is what they were hoping for. This is although going to create a good clash in issues and personalities. Stacy is contemplating and being upset after being edited out by the ‘producers’; who are made up of some of the celebrities, you do know that you are not really edited out.

Spencer is already throwing his weight however big brother did not set any rules, you can talk to an edited out person; you arrogant fool. He is taking this producer task too seriously, it’s because you are stuck in your own little bubble and thinking you are better than everyone else!! Aaarrrhhh! Ok more fast forwarding because I can’t stand the way that you are talking to Stacy and she takes his attitude with a pinch of salt….good girl.

12.10am and Austin goes to the diary room and states that Spencer is a ‘complete dickhead’, you got that absolutely right! Loving the voiceover by my good friend Marcus Bentley. Is it me or does he kind of look like Justin Timberlake? If Heidi and Spencer are playing a game of creating friction between others then it’s clearing working. Heidi has already started with Stacy too and this time Stacy sees through her silliness and retaliates stating the facts.

In the house, everyone is chatting about life issues and getting to know each other. Jamie, you are so down to earth mate and proud to know you.

Ray J has come to diary room and guess what he’s talking about? All the “controversial s#!t” as he so elegantly says.

We are now about to find out who the ‘producers’ will select as being ‘edited out’ next after being told earlier by Big Brother. James has been selected by a vote but I didn’t like the way that Jasmine stated that he wouldn’t mind not talking to anyone anyway, that is just disgusting, rude behaviour to say to someone who is a complete legend in the acting world.

Early morning, Big Brother opens the bedroom and housemates choose their beds and discuss sleeping arrangements. Angie goes to the diary room and sees through Speidi’s game plan, yes! You go girl!! I’ll be looking forward to seeing Spencer and Heidi try to take her down when the time comes and looking forward to seeing Angie destroy them. It’s great that Calum goes to the diary room to talk about his reaction about his mum being in the house. I love the way that you are highly protective of her, you are a good man mate. I miss my mum. Make the most of who you have in your life.

With more conversations happening, it seems that Spencer and Heidi are top of the topic list and most of the housemates are already seeing through their game plan.

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