The Motion Coach writes “My top five reasons your still not losing weight”


Often I deal with people who complain their weight isn’t shifting and most are quick to blame genetics or a health condition when the reality is its normally its far more simple! so here’s 5 very common reasons!

1. frankly you’re eating more than you realise. this could man every day or blowing out at the weekend on beer and kebabs. this is a sensitive subject especially to those who claim to “eat clean” ( hate that term!) reason I put this at numero uno is I see it EVERYDAY what people need to realise if you are eating 2000 calories of broccoli or 2000 calories of donuts its still 2000 calories. yes the veg is healthier but from a caloric point of view no difference, you need more calories out than in…in its simplest form.

2. you aren’t moving as much as you think… I blame fitbits and the like for this and have written before these show you are doing x amount of steps a day and burnt y calories. problem is I don’t feel you should track normal daily activity as you’re a human not a rock I expect you to move! also its on your wrist every time you scratch your ass it tracks a few steps a client of mine racks up 1200 plus “steps a day” driving!… don’t take this “calorie burn into account” yes definitely move but there is more important things to focus on!

3. following unsustainable, generic or miracle plans. I’ve grouped  these together for a reason. nutrition and training doesn’t have to be complicated and like a maths workout it can be fun and food can still rock! most people dive on fad plans I could list hundreds that have been and gone! you just gotta keep it simple be mindful of what you eat from a health perspective and how much and simply move yo ass! be it gym, cycling, roller skating hell pole dancing if you enjoy it!

4. as in the first paragraph blaming genetics or health issues. in reality 99% of people I meet don’t have a slow metabolism or these hidden health issues ” DR google” told them its one of the above. my favourite expression is human nature is to make the simple seem difficult so when we fail we have an excuse” we all do it in life if we are honest with our selves here and when we want to lose weight its no different! try making basic changes before blaming everything for lack of progress!

5. not giving it time. its not magic one salad wont make you fit in ya birthday suit as one burger wont make you into the incredible blob! consistency is key and dealing with the FACT some weeks will be better than others. tracking is mega important here because as your weight does shift your calories and what not should too! still keep it simple!

If you would love to more please follow me on the above all launching soon to flood the world with awesome info to make you sexy as hell and who doesn’t want that! all plus a website going live VERY soon so get in on the fun!

Ben – The Motion Coach

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