Sapphire Elia tells us “I truly love what I do as an actor” in candid interview


By Amy Barrett

Brit Actress Sapphire Elia talks to us about her latest film role, how the break from modelling is going and future plans.


Q. Your role in Undercover Hooligan playing Karolina Turner was there anything you found challenging with this character?

Just trying to grasp such an inherently dark person. It’s difficult not to make it a little theatrical or comical with a character like that.

Q. What made you drawn to the film Undercover?

The action and grittiness of the script (written by Nicholas Winter) typical of a British crime thriller definitely got my attention. I was yet to play a role like Karolina and I do enjoy a challenge. Also Lucinda Rhodes being producer was another reason I got involved, as we both attended the same school, a few years apart from one another but I remembered her well, and thought it might be fun opportunity to work together for the first time.

Q. What would be your ideal movie role?

I enjoy a challenge as I mentioned, so anything that takes me out of my comfort zone really.


Q.  Are you concentrating more on your acting career at the moment rather than your modelling or singing career?

Yeah, I took some time out recently and that made me realised how much I truly love what I do as an actor and I look forward to more movie projects moving forward.

Q. In your theatre productions/pantomimes you have played Disney princesses are there any other Disney princesses you would like to play or even a Disney villain?

I have had my fair share of Disney princesses and though I love it, perhaps a villain would be fun, I quite like the idea of playing Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, great role and the costume would be epic!

Q. Can you tell us a bit about the film Undercover?

The movie is a true British crime thriller delivering all that is expected of that genre and then some! The movie centre’s around an ex-cop, Michael Clarke played so well by Kris Johnson, who is re-recruited for his very unorthodox way of doing things, to go undercover to help bring down the most notorious criminal firm in London. My characters’ father “Uno” played by the brilliant Patrick Connolly is the boss of this firm. It is a very dark film and at times hard to stomach, I don’t want to give away too much but following the character of Michael Clarke really takes you on a journey, giving us a unique opportunity to see things through the eyes of an inside/outsider.

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