AMY BARRETT writes Prince Harry’s new lover is very proud of her back ground and she has every right to be


The couple are rumoured to have met in Canada 6 months ago, The 35 year old actress best known in the US legal drama Suits playing Rachel Zane and also a human rights campaigner is not Harry’s usual type.

There are claims the pair are inseparable and even have matching bracelets, The bracelet represents independence, fearlessness and friendship.

Apparently Meghan was still in a relationship with Cory Vitiello at the time of meeting Prince Harry. Meghan has also been linked to an Northern Irish golfer and a Canadian star chef.

Prince Harry is just one of Meghans million followers on one of her social media sites, Where she also follows Prince Harry.

According to reports Meghan has already met Prince Harry’s friends as they dined out together in London.

A source says she has stayed with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace and has met the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

Meghan in some press interviews has been made to feel very uncomfortable with her ethnic background, Meghan added her father used to tell her to make her own tick box on forms and to write her own ethnic origin on the forms.

Meghans fathers who is a white lighting directors in a studio met her mother who is an African American travel agent.

Meghan has said in interviews before when been asked about her parents ” my dad is Caucasian and my mum is African American”

Meghan is very proud of her back ground and she has every right to be.

Meghan as expressed that she has been told in some roles “That she wasn’t black enough for the black roles and not white enough for the white roles” which obviously is concerning.

According to reports the couple have been going back and forth to make sure their busy schedules do not get in the way of them spending time together.

This year Meghan has been seen in the royal box enjoying the tennis at Wimbledon.

Meghan also stands along side both Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson supporting the United Nations and she is also an advocate for UN women.

We hope to see more of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to see what the next chapter will hold for the pair. 

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