Meet the lucky winner who attended Martina Cole’s book launch party


By Amy Barrett

The newly opened Foyles bookshop in Bond Street, Chelmsford opened Martina Cole’s novel “Betrayal”. As part of the book launch one lucky winner was chosen and given 4 free tickets to attend the book launch party. I interviewed the winner of this competition – Jenny Lawrence


Q.Jenny how do you feel about winning?

A. To be honest it’s still sinking in, I was generally shocked I have never won anything, i’m going to buy a lottery ticket.

Q.What was the prize you won?

A. 4 tickets to the Betrayal launch party can’t wait so excited, I will be attending with some family and friends. Martino told me ‘Congratulations I will look forward to seeing you at the launch it’s a beautiful place’

Q.Have you always been an avid fan of Martina Cole’s books?

A. Since the first book I read about 15 years ago absolutely hooked, I look forward to her books every year

Q.Have you started Martina Cole’s book Betrayal what do you think?

A. Yep and as usual hooked on it already, it’s a page turner

Q.If you could choose one of Martina Coles books to be made into a film which one would you choose?

A. I don’t think I could choose 1, they would all make great films in fact they should all be made into films!

Q. Was this your first Martina Cole book signing?

A. Yes but it won’t be my last, she was extremely down to earth, lovely genuine woman, looking forward to meeting her again.

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