The first disabled child model to appear in TV Christmas Commercial


Noah is an extraordinary little boy with an incredible story, born with the condition Spina Bifida and only 2% of his brain a condition called Hydrocephalus, he has surpassed all expectations and continues to develop into a very special little person.

Models Direct Modelling Agency were delighted to receive a modelling application for Noah and welcomed him onto their books.

Noah’s first assignment with Models Direct to star in the Christmas Commercial for supermarket giant Sainsbury’s. The commercial can be viewed here.

Molly, Modelling Assignments Manager at Models Direct National Model Agency confirmed shoot details. Noah and his family were set to travel to London the day before the shoot, accommodation and transport had been arranged for them to allow a relaxing start to what would be an exciting day.

On the day Noah would be posing as the youngest child of a family and would be lifted from his wheelchair by his model ‘dad’ and be placing a star on top of the Christmas tree. As the first disabled child to appear in a Christmas Commercial, this was very exciting for everyone. Noah secured this assignment by submitting a specific action casting video to the production team.

Noah was the star of the day on the shoot, he took instruction, was calm, funny and loved the attention. The client was very pleased with how it went and what an experience for Noah. Noah’s mum Shelly shares their experience:

“Noah had lots of fun filming for the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. We were made to feel really special. Being on set was the most exciting part of the shoot. Watching Noah’s face light up when the cameras started rolling and when he placed the star on top of the Christmas tree really was priceless. On the second shot, the director confirmed that this was the one, which was very impressive considering Noah’s disability. This was a great achievement for him. He was treated with so much respect by the crew who completely catered to all of our needs. Noah bonded with everyone on set, particularly his on screen family which included Jo Burke, Alexander Perkins and a lovely young actress who played his sister. He had so much with them.

“I would definitely recommend this kind of experience. I wish I had signed Noah up with Models Direct from Day 1! Everyone thinks their child is the most gorgeous in the world, but we were being advised us so much to join an agency that we went for it – we just wish we had done it sooner! Every child is different and has their own unique qualities – there is work for everyone out there. I would recommend all parents to sign their children up – go for it, don’t even think about it – just do it! There’s only you stopping yourself from reaching your goals in life.”

The Models Direct booking team will be watching Noah’s documentary Tuesday night, “The Boy With No Brain, Extraordinary People” on Channel 5 at 10pm, feeling proud and excited to see all his achievements. The whole country will see Noah as the true star he really is, in every home, where a star should be – on the very top of the Christmas tree!!

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