Interview with Starboy Thomas


Q.Who is your target audience?

Anyone i can help with my music the reason i do music is to help others  and save life  as i bin through everything i  rap about myself and raise awareness with stop bullying and other things i think need awareness

Q.You have reached the mile stone of 1M followers on Twitter how did you celebrate your success?

I celebrated by thanking my supporters and making a new freestyle music video thank everyone for the kinds words

Q.Who would be your ideal rapper/songwriter to work with?

Dappy, William or Justin Bieber anyone who is meaningful with the words.

Q.Who is your favourite act on the X factor?

5 After Midnight as all voice are amazing and they come across so well

Q.Where would you like to see yourself in a year?

Hopefully still helping others with my music also visiting and helping others with the message i send

Q.What is the next step in your career?

To get signed to a new music label or management team so i  can get my message out around the world

Q. Out of your 2.7 million vibe videos which was the most memorable and fun ones to do?

I love doing them all but one with my dogs in are best as i am a dog fan

Q. How/when did you know this career choice was the path you wanted to take?

From the first time others said they like what i do and how my music is not like the rest

Q.Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

I would love to thank all my fans tell them they are the best and i always there for them and will help them with anything and if they like me to freestyle for them just ask i do anything for them as i would not be doing what i love without Thomas i love my starboys and girls

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