New SEN range launched featuring 4 new products exclusive to MOEducation


In 2023 over 1.5 million pupils in England were identified as having SEND (an increase of 87,000 from 2022). Overall SEN percentage is up from 16.6% to 17.3% and EHCPs up from 4% to 4.3%.¹ When children have the right support and resources in place, it is fantastic to see them thrive. MOEducation specialises in natural resources with many developed for specific solutions, the added benefits of natural materials include sensory advantages, promoting calm and self-regulation when used appropriately.

Four new products have launched following requests for resources specialising in SEN and sensory needs;

The aptly named Wiggle Chair is designed to enable movement in all directions, tilt and rock whilst sitting to improve attention spans and engagement. Available for KS1 with the opportunity to be reduced or increased in size depending on age.

A new sensory wall in extra-large size promotes individual and group play, hand built to be durable and featuring an individual kangaroo pouch, range of sensory tiles and mirrors.

Introducing the astro stool which is ideal for story time and sensory spaces both inside and out, the grass top offers cushioned comfort and texture whilst the wooden frame is solid and easy to move.

A unique resistance wall has been developed based on feedback for ASD support, it features a kick pad, natural sensory spinner, rounded lever, light up button, wrap around band and resistance cord and chain.

The new products made their debut at the Nursery World Show in London at the weekend where they received praise from Nursery owners and Teachers.

Ashley Wilson, MOEducation MD said, “We are famous for developing unique and bespoke products to offer solutions to our customers requirements. We have seen an increase in requests for sensory products to offer support, security and self-regulation for all ages, and the new products have literally gone from the drawing board through to development and intense testing to offer this new range”.

Supporting young people at each stage of development is key to enabling them to achieve the opportunities they deserve. Whether this is at nursery level through to young adults, when designing and hand making individual pieces, the possibilities are endless.

SNAP were integral to the development of many of the new items drawing from their years of experience, commenting on the wiggle chair, Karen Boath, SNAP CEO, said, “It is fantastic to see such dedication to producing equipment which aligns to children’s needs. Whilst the wiggle chair may look like many other children’s chairs, it hides a unique secret which opens a door to sensory benefits. We utilised the wiggle chair at our SNAP centre and observed several children enjoy the advantages of increased focus and comfort whilst completing tasks”.

Here is what some of the SNAP parents and children said;
“I love this chair; can I have one”.
“I need one at school”.
“This chair would have been amazing for my son when he was at school, he would have coped much better if he could fidget”.
“I would like a cushion on it, and it would be perfect”.

The new range will be available to view at Childcare Expo next month and Teachers and SenCo teams are invited to dedicated briefings to discover and explore the products whilst offering their feedback for further development and new items.

Ashley continues, “We are committed to building products for multi-use benefits, every child deserves the opportunity to be themselves and we welcome opportunities to build on this success and extend our portfolio”.

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