M4RRY ME? Romantic and risqué private number plates revealed


Loved up couples are being offered the chance to declare their affections by gifting their partner a personalised number plate for their car.

Private plate specialists Absolute Reg have highlighted some of the most romantic and suggestive plates on offer ahead of Valentine’s Day.

They have launched a new online collection entitled LUV 4EVR which brings together some of the more risqué plates available to buy online.

They say a private plate can make the perfect gift for that special somebody and could even make an unforgettable wedding proposal with plates such as M4RRY available.

From LOV3Y to LUS5H and BUB8A to BOO7IE the experts claim their plates offer something for every loving couple to gift one another.

But with some more suggestive plates including LUV 80X, FCK 80Y and BI9 BUM a sense of humour is as essential as a big wallet if you want to buy one.

The most expensive plate on offer in the collection is ORG1 which will set you back an eye watering £90,994 although the experts offer some plates for as little as £50.

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If you want to pop the question M4RRY will set you back £16,900 – a lot more than a bouquet of flowers.

A private number plate could also make for a great investment with values tending to increase over time.

Jake Smith, Director at Absolute Reg, said: “When it comes to romantic gifts a private plate will always make more of an impression than a tired old bunch of flowers from the garage or a box of chocs from the supermarket.

“We have plates available from as little as fifty quid so there really is something for every budget although it’s true that you will need slightly deeper pockets if you want to buy something from this collection.

“We wanted to highlight some of the plates which we think would make the most romantic, or at least the most memorable, gifts for that special person in your life.

“It’s definitely true that they will need a sense of humour to appreciate some of these plates. I’d also add that they will need plenty of confidence to drive around with B19BUM, FCK 80Y or LUV80X on their car.

“But for the right person these plates would make the gift of a lifetime and create a memory both partners will treasure forever.

“So guys, if you want your HOT77Y to M4RRY you maybe show her your PEN1S and ask to become her FCK 80Y.”

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