Next month sees the celebration of the decade as Her Majesty The Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee. As Brits up and down the country prepare to get-together, Tyrrells has been preparing to launch Coronation Chicken hand-cooked crisps for a limited time only.

Combining mouth-watering chicken with a subtle kick of curry, these signature hand-cooked crisps are tyrrellbly tyrrellbly tasty. An instant British Classic, Tyrrells Coronation Chicken crisps are the perfect accompaniment to any Jubilee soirée and can be found exclusively in Waitrose from the 16th of May.

To help everyone celebrate this beloved country and monarchy, Tyrrells has partnered with reality royalty, Ollie Locke-Locke, to offer advice on how to avoid a posh party faux pas this Jubilee weekend:

4) One crisp at a time

Although it is difficult to resist the temptation to eat 5+ crisps in one fell swoop, do practice self-control. “Crisps are a marathon, not a sprint. Take a moment to indulge in the curl and crunch and savour that Tyrrells Coronation Chicken flavour. Pretend you are the Queen herself, pinkie out and relish in the taste of the good life.”

5) Presentation is everything

“British cuisine is not always extravagant. Which is precisely why the Union Jack is our best British friend. Purchase Union Jack themed plates, bunting and tablecloths, then arrange your items in a beautiful spread that sings the National Anthem without saying a word.”

6) If you have a lawn, make sure it’s mown, mainly just for the real English countryside smell.

“Nothing says summer in the UK like the smell of freshly cut grass to set the scene of a British daytime soirée!”

7) Get an old wheelbarrow and fill it with ice for the perfect drink’s cooler

“The Jubilee is the perfect occasion to take traditional items and give them a new, fabulous purpose. You can never have too much ice and wheelbarrows are the perfect place to store all of it!”

8) Invite the neighbours, they won’t complain if it goes on till dark

“It always pays to be courteous to your neighbours, but particularly so when throwing a party. This is a street party after all so ensure that you invite them all to join and share the love.” In the spirit of the Queen’s Jubilee, Tyrrells Coronation Chicken crisps come in a share bag size of 150g so there is plenty to go around.

9) Remember that no one in England can resist a good game

“How about a jolly game of cricket, croquet or badminton perhaps? Or if sports aren’t in your set of skills, you can always sit on the side lines, indulging in some Tyrrells Coronation Chicken crisps and relaxing in the sunshine.”

10) Order copious amounts of candles

We love a long summer evening but why should the party stop once the sun goes down? “Fabulous lighting is essential for when it gets dark, and it makes any occasion super magical!”

11) Have a surprise musical act…

“Live bands always get the party in the swing of things and encourage lots of dancing and having fun. It’s a great way to celebrate the Queen’s reign.”

12) Everyone loves a Hog Roast and it is the perfect easy way to feed your guests…

“Hog Roasts are a classic part of British culture. You simply cannot go wrong when serving this at a garden party and partner terrifically with Tyrrells Tyrrellbly Tyrrellbly tasty Coronation Chicken crisps would you believe it!”

13) Hire waiters, it will make the whole day easier

“Or better yet, assign roles to the youngsters and have them help to serve and cater for guests, whilst you get to sit back and relax with a glass of something bubbly!”

Tessa Holden, Tyrrells Brand Manager says, “We are thrilled to be working with Ollie Locke-Locke to celebrate our delicious limited edition Coronation Chicken flavour crisps ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Here at Tyrrells, we are extremely proud of our British roots and have been making delicious hand-cooked crisps for a jolly long time. Folks know that when it comes to flavour, Tyrrells is top notch, and we pride ourselves on consistently delivering tyrrellbly tyrrellbly tasty crisps which we will continue to do for decades to come.”

Perfect for street parties and picnics a-like, Tyrrells Coronation Chicken crisps (150g, RRP £2.30) will be available in Waitrose stores for a limited time only from 16th May 2022.

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