The gaming industry is leading towards new heights of success. There was an era when the fans had a key focus on sports games. Although sports games still have millions of viewers worldwide, fans have started to focus on online gaming competitions. Esports gaming tournaments have become the center of attention for both gamers and fans. The industry had a slow start, but after the covid-19 pandemic, the esports industry witnessed exponential growth. Almost all businesses faced downfall due to pandemic situations globally; even conventional sports events were postponed. However, in that crucial time, the gaming industry steadily accelerated to boom around the globe. Various gamers participated in the online platforms, and fans watched live streaming on the platforms like YouTube Game streaming and Twitch. The way gamers and fans were passionate about a new era of the gaming industry; punters were also gaining interest. Gamblers and businessmen started to invest money in online gaming tournaments. Esports betting platforms like Luckbox initiated online betting services for the punters.

Esports gaming is a short form of electronic sports that includes various online games, such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, and many more. The gamers participate in various online competitions to win real cash prizes and other rewards. The prizes have become high in the last few years. Not just the winning prize, but viewership also witnessed a huge acceleration. Fans and new gamers watch the live streaming of the online games to learn the tricks and enjoy the competition. The fans of conventional sports, such as football, basketball, and horse racing, come to the stadiums to watch the live games as spectators. Similarly, gaming fans enjoy watching Esports tournaments on the platforms like Luckbox.

The way esports tournaments have gained exponential growth, bettors take a keen interest in Esports betting. Millions of dollars have been invested in Esports betting for the past few years. In fact, Esports betting was one of the hot topics of discussion in 2021. The betting is similar to conventional sports betting. However, the difference is that punters can easily bet via online platforms like Luckbox.

The bettors’ interest is boosting with the passage of time and advanced technology. The fans and betting professionals are one tap away from watching online games and betting on Esports tournaments. There are multiple reasons behind the growth of Esports tournaments. Gaming Tickets, merchandise, sponsorships, and publisher fees rapidly grow the gaming industry. Meanwhile, the interest of gamblers also plays a key role in running the tournaments successfully. It is a win-win situation for everyone; gamers make their livings from games, the organizers earn, and punters have found a new way of investing.

Luckbox is an online betting and live-streaming platform that has brought Esports betting to new heights of success. The users can easily access the tournaments and live streaming via smartphones or desktops. In addition, the interest of gamblers is boosting viewership for Esports tournaments as the punters watch the live games to make smart betting decisions accordingly. In addition, some punters like to invest in betting via cryptocurrencies, allowing them to bet without revealing their identity.

The reason why punters choose Luckbox is due to their popularity and reputation. The Esports betting platform provides legal Esports betting facilities for all types of gaming tournaments. Everything is available on their website. The platform currently provides three major services, including Esports betting, live streaming of the games, and online casino. The company recently introduced an online casino on its platform, which is attracting the attention of a large number of gamblers around the world. Luckbox’s online casino includes almost all types of casino games that gamers can easily play online. Depending on the gamblers’ preferences and budget, they can choose any game to play and start earning via gambling.

Luckbox is an Isle of Man-based platform founded in 2016. Initially, Esports betting had a sluggish start, but it has gained exponential growth with time. Luckbox is operated by a Calgary-based company – Real Luck Group Limited. The platform ensures a legal and reliable betting platform for gamblers worldwide. The company’s popularity and strong reputation have won the punters’ interest. Luckbox also earned the recognition of Rising Star at the EGR Operator Awards. The company offers betting facilities for various Esports games, including Counter-Strike: Go, Dota 2, League of Legends, and many more. Luckbox has brought Esports betting to the next level of success.

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