How to build trust in the automotive industry


The automotive industry, like any other, runs on the confidence and trust that is built with customers. You aren’t just selling a product, you’re selling freedom and family experiences, therefore it’s important to let customers know that what they can gain from engaging with your company is superior to any competitors. This trust is what drives customer interaction, and subsequently, your sales performance.

Customers need to know that when it comes to buying or selling an automobile, they couldn’t be in safer hands. Even the slightest hint of reservation can majorly impact the customer journey, potentially ending it. Once customers recognise your company as a place where they can put their faith, this trust fuels further engagement, and both parties benefit.

After knowing the importance of customer trust, you can begin to explore the various ways to increase it. Below, you can find the main ways that you can build trust in the automotive industry.

Promote your core values

In order to build trust with a customer, you must first show them what you’re all about. Who are you and why should they engage with your business? An essential aspect of this is promoting your core company values through effective marketing. When customers can see what type of company you are, and understand your values, they are more likely to have confidence in giving you their time.

To best achieve this, you will need to invest in a process for collecting marketing data. This will allow you to see where, and how, customers are engaging with you. Once you know this, you can begin tailoring each marketing touchpoint to better express the benefits and values that your company holds.

A great way of informing the values that you choose to adopt and promote is to invest in call tracking with Mediahawk. This will enable you to know exactly what makes customers want to call your company, and what enquiries they often have. Then, you can alter your marketing touchpoints to drive home your company values, building more trust with your customers and inspiring more engagement.

Know your customer

Every business relationship is a two-way street. Buying or selling a car can be a complex process, and customers will likely have a wide range of things that they are looking for in a dealership. Your customer knows you, but you must also know your customer. If you want to build trust in your company, you need to have an in-depth understanding of customer needs. This way you can ensure that you are meeting them – and that your customer is aware of this.

As we touched on above, call tracking software can be a real asset to finding out more about your customer, and their needs. Once you know these requirements, you can plainly present your expertise and guidance through marketing interaction, and show customers you are there for their every need. This is a solid foundation for a trusting customer relationship.

Effective communication

Another great way to build trust with your customers is to ensure that you are providing reliable and high-quality communication. The interactions a customer has with your company, no matter how brief, can significantly change the way they feel about you. A simple phone conversation with your company can cement the trust on which the customer may convert to a sale.

It is highly beneficial to have your team be adequately prepared and trained to provide quality communication. This is where call tracking can, again, be a useful tool. Using speech analytics, you can analyse what purposes customers have to call and how they are responding to the conversation. This information can help you refine your communication skills, with more customers coming away with their complete trust in your capabilities.

Customer reviews

One of the best ways for building trust is using customer reviews. Nothing gives customers more confidence than to see others who have engaged with your business, and come away with a beyond-satisfactory experience. These reviews give customers insight into how their customer journey is likely to pan out, and from there, the trust increases.

It is recommended that you display as many positive reviews as you can, to overwhelm potential customers with knowledge of your expertise and professionalism. Reading positive reviews can have a huge influence on customer decisions, and they will have confidence in everything you claim to offer in your business – the evidence is right there!

Applying these effective methods of trust building in your automotive company, is sure to take your customer engagement, lead/sales generation, and company reputation to new heights.

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