Agnes Artych is a successful Polish professional model, actor, and dancer in New York, United States. She is very bold and attractive and was born on January 11, 1988, in Siedlce, Poland. 

Agnes Artych began her modeling career in 2010 by reaching the renowned Polish reality program Super Models Finals. Her skills were honed by participating in different modeling projects for magazine photo sessions and traditional commercial shots. She worked with well-known brands such as Conair, KFC, Crown Royal, NBA, It Cosmetics, Bumble & Bumble, and Pier 17. 

She has done editorial shoots for L’Officiel Schweiz, Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan, Dark Beauty Magazine, Garage Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Lucy’s Magazine, Archive Magazine, and Washington Life Magazine. Agnes Artych has evolved into an experienced and renowned actor, touring internationally foresight from an early age. 

Agnes Artych has valued her school qualifications because proper education is almost compulsory in her family. Her mother is a retired teacher and principal of a school in Siedlce, while her oldest sister is a chemist, 2nd is a math teacher, and the youngest is a medical student. Her mother instructed her to pursue a proper education even though Agnes Artych was lured to the creative worlds of dance and painting. This spurred Agnes Artych to study at two universities at the same time. She spent two years in a Baltic Dance Theatre at the Baltic Opera. After finishing her two seasons there, she was thankfully scouted on Facebook by a model agent’s post. Following this event, she relocated to Istanbul to pursue her dream of being a model. After a series of successful ads for the fashion and jewelry industries and businesses such as Perge Jewels and Burce Bekrek, she was designated the face of Polish Fashion Week in 2013. After winning a Bell Cosmetic Beauty contest, she was a finalist in the Supermodels TV show. She was also on the cover of Hebe Magazine in 2014.

Agnes Artych surely knows how to indulge in ambition. Her biggest passion was acting and being on stage, but she never had much time to pursue that passion between modeling contracts (Milan, Hamburg, Warsaw, New York) and coproducing the photographer Marc Babej’s work. But, she started classes at Adler Studio in 2019 to achieve her ambition. In turn, she is continually empowering the self-made woman that she is! 

Agnes Artych now has regular parts in primetime television, commercial music videos, theatre, and films such as Roommate, First Glance, Mere Dil, Mere Musaafir, Unfettered, Veral, Lipstick Trace, Halston, and The Swam Way and R Bnb as both a leading actor and a co-star. She received praise for her acting abilities and won the hearts of a worldwide audience. She worked with famous directors like Tamara Hansen, Tural Manafove, Anthony Glynn, Mick Lexington, Robert Mann.

Agnes Artych has appeared in different stage works such as Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet, The Rite of Spring, La Traviata, Halka, and others. She was trained under the mentorship of Elzbieta and Grzegorz Patak at several dance events and programs in Poland and studied under Bill Goodson, Ira Nadia Kodiche, Thierry Verger, Alain Bernard, Zofia Rudnicka, Isadora Weiss, and others.

Agnes Artych indeed leads her professional life with elan and proposes many other exciting projects in the line-up. She certainly has made her unique mark on the global front of acting and is just roaring to go!

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