New Principal of St Mary’s school in Colchester champions all-girls education


Mrs Nicola Griffiths, the new Principal at St Mary’s, firmly believes that all-girls schools provide an environment free from stereotypes, where girls thrive academically and where they feel confident to put themselves forward for leadership roles.

At St Mary’s they strongly believe that in a single-sex environment, girls can be actively encouraged to pursue any subject or career choice they desire. In this environment the students develop significantly in confidence and resilience so they can take on all the leadership roles available to them, which prepares them for life beyond school.

Mrs Nicola Griffiths, Principal of St Mary’s in Colchester said “Having attended and worked at both co-educational and all-girls schools, I have seen first-hand the difference an all-girls education can make. I strongly believe that girls have many more opportunities in an all-girls environment, in particular, taking academic risks and seeing mistakes as opportunities to learn. At St Mary’s, we are experts in educating girls and a testament to this is our excellent GCSE results, where in 2020 our percentage of the top GCSE grades was almost twice the national average. This academic strength is also reflected in our Lower School which was ranked the 12th highest performing preparatory school in the country by The Sunday Times, showing that girls thrive academically across all age groups.”

The school has grown in popularity over the past few years and demand for places, at both the Lower School and Senior School for September 2022, is high. For anyone wishing to find out more about the all-girls education on offer at St Mary’s, the school is offering the opportunity for pivate tours. Places can be reserved at

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