Saturn Returns, which launched in May 2020, is a spirituality and wellbeing podcast hosted by Caggie Dunlop, exploring the astrological transit you experience from 27-30 (and again at 57-60), Caggie now announces its’ first ever regional tour, with tickets available on the 24th September via .

Capturing the attention of millennials who have an appetite for the esoteric, this show deep dives into personal development through the lens of astrology.

The podcast has seen exceptional growth since it’s conception. Launching with a conversation with author and Journalist Elizabeth Day, Caggie has become a trusted voice to her ever growing and loyal community.

Inundated with messages of thanks and alliance, the conversations broached by the podcast have created an engaged fanbase of listeners which spreads from the UK, US and Australia.

With the launch of the highly anticipated Season Four, Saturn Returns has elevated to new heights, reaching over 1.1 million downloads. This season showcases an incredible lineup of guests; including Estee Lalonde, Brita Fernandez Schimdt and Mo Gowdat to name a few. The topics explored this season range from Body Sovereignty, Intuitive Eating how we can cultivate self-trust to deepen self-mastery to reclaiming our sexuality.


07 FEB 2022 Manchester The International Anthony Burgess Foundation
08 FEB 2022 Oxford Bullingdon
10 FEB 2022 Brighton Komedia
11 FEB 2022 London Earth Theatre

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