TOP-5 Premier League teams in 2021/22


The English Premier League is one of the most popular football tournaments in Europe. This year’s scheme of the tournament is standard– each of the TOP 20 English football clubs will play 38 matches. The first tour is going to start in two weeks.

After all games are played, the four football clubs that score the most points will receive tickets to the Champions League, and the fifth club will play in the Europa League. The three clubs with the minimum points will go to the lower division. Everything as usual. But who is believed to become a favorite?

Tournament TOP teams

Several of the strongest clubs in Europe play in the English championship. They will fight for the Premier League championship.

According to LionTips UK, the first one which claims the honorary title is Manchester City. Citizens finished last season in the first place. And we should say they were quite convincing as the club was 12 points ahead of second place in the table.

Plus, Manchester City played in the Champions League final. That’s saying a lot. If the club from Manchester will go over the results of last season, it will become the Premier League champion for the fourth time.

London club Chelsea is also vying for the Premier League title. The chances of winning the championship for Chelsea are not as high as those of Manchester City. However, it is worth noting that Chelsea beat Manchester City in the Champions League final. If Thomas Tuchel’s team continues to play at the same pace, then it could score more points in the national championship.

Liverpool have about the same chances of winning the Premier League in the 2021-2022 season. The team faced a string of challenges that prevented Liverpool from playing well in the first half of the last season. However, in the second half of the championship, the Liverpool team played 12 excellent matches, winning almost all of them. So, this season Liverpool can not only enter the top three clubs in England but also become the champion of the national tournament.

Experts of LionTips US believe that Manchester United is considered to be the latest TOP favorite for the Premier League title. The team has been performing well over the past few years. The players from Manchester finished in second place last season, and in 2019 they became bronze medalists of the tournament. In addition, this year the team received a young star – Jadon Sancho, who can help the team win the title.

What’s about bookmakers’  

According to bookmakers, Manchester City has the highest probability of winning the Premier League. The odds for this team to win the League is approximately 1.6.

Chelsea and Liverpool have higher odds. That means the probability of their victory in the championship is lower. The odds for these teams to win the League are between 5.0-6.0.

The highest odds are offered for bets on Manchester United. Before the start of the championship, the team’s chances of winning the championship are estimated with odds higher than 8.0.

Take note that football is an unpredictable sport, and any team (even one that is not on the favorites list) has a chance of winning. Do not forget about this if you place your bets. And don’t risk money that you cannot afford to lose in sports betting.

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