Win a friendship experience worth £10,000+ with Blossom Hill’s newly launched Unfiltered Friendships competition


This summer, Blossom Hill is celebrating female friendships with its newly launched Unfiltered Friendships competition – with the top prize, the Ultimate Unfiltered Friendships Experience, worth over £10k!

Running throughout July ahead of International Day of Friendship (Friday 30th July), Unfiltered Friendships will invite friends across the UK to reconnect and win exciting prizes that will make reuniting after Freedom Day that little bit more special.

Research conducted by Blossom Hill found that four in every five (81%) British women aged 25-45, felt they’d grown apart from some of their friends since March 2020 due to not being able to spend time together[1]. So, after being separated by miles, masks and mobile screens, Blossom Hill is providing friends with the opportunity to reunite in style.

Brits will be invited to share their own Unfiltered Friendship moments on Instagram; anything from an embarrassing story from a night out, a throwback to awkward teenage years or a silly selfie shared on the group chat. Every week in July, 50 entrants will be selected to receive a giftbox containing a polaroid camera, a can of Blossom Hill Rhubarb Gin Fizz and a bottle of White Zinfandel to help create new unfiltered moments with their best friends.

To top it all off, one lucky entrant will be picked to win the Ultimate Unfiltered Friendships Experience at the end of the month in honour of International Day of Friendship, as voted for by 2,000 consumers.

Research conducted found that the ultimate friendship experience would include a best friend’s night in and a weekend getaway trip; so, Blossom Hill decided to bring it to life! With:

A three-course meal cooked by a professional chef, a cocktail making class
A beauty tech bundle containing an Apple iMac 24in, a Sonos Move Speaker, a GHD Original Styler and a GHD Air Hairdryer on offer
Plus, a weekend getaway trip including an Inspire Gift Card for hotel staycation, a £3000 shopping voucher and a £500 restaurant voucher, one lucky group of friends will be reunited in style!

All entrants need to do is share their best unfiltered friendship moments on Instagram – it’s that simple. In a world where we’re constantly filtering our lives online to show ourselves in the best possible light, the power of true friendship lies in those unfiltered moments where we are really ourselves – and our friends wouldn’t change us for the world. With Unfiltered Friendships, Blossom Hill will not only pay homage to these moments but will provide the chance to create new memories too!

The Blossom Hill Unfiltered Friendships competition will run throughout July ahead of International Day of Friendship on Friday 30th July. Each week consumers can share their unfiltered moments on Instagram, tagging @BlossomHill, using the hashtags #UnfilteredFriendships and #TogetherLetsBlossom and tagging a friend to encourage them to do the same. 50 winners will be chosen each week to receive a polaroid camera, a can of Blossom Hill Rhubarb Gin Fizz and a bottle of White Zinfandel. At the end of the month, one lucky winner will be selected to win the Ultimate Unfiltered Friendships Experience. Terms and Conditions apply.

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