Give some colour to your garden with these creative tips and tricks


Gardens should be fun the whole year-round. Although most of us enjoy them only during spring and summer, there are many ways to start loving your garden all year round. This can be achieved with some creative tips and tricks, which every gardener is ought to know. Ready to start enjoying your garden during autumn and winter? Here’s how!

A pond is your best friend

This might not be the first thing you would imagine. However, ponds can make a garden go to a completely different level. They not only add another dimension to your garden, but they can also increase its biodiversity tremendously. For example, you can add fish to the pond but also special pond plants. At the same time, a pond attracts birds and insects, which make your garden more lively. During the winter, you do need to take extra care of your pond, but that is the beauty of it.

Flowers that go all year round

There are multiple ways to create a colourful garden, including the use of flowers. Most flowers are at their best during the spring and summer, but there is also room for flowers in autumn and winter. For example, tulips can grow in autumn and can bring beautiful colours. Next to that, there is the option of French lavender. With their beautiful purple colour, they can shine almost throughout the year and also have a very distinctive and nice smell.

Grow colourful mushrooms!

Gardeners often see mushrooms as a plague to their garden. However, when handled appropriately, they can be a perfect addition to your garden. The mushrooms that look like the houses of dwarfs are very colourful and can also be grown yourself. For example, you can plant them in a pot or designate a specific area of your garden to grow them. They can add a nice twist and will be a creative addition compared to other gardens.

Use fences and other types of wood

To create areas in your garden, you can make use of small fences and other wood applications to brighten the garden up. For example, you can paint them in bright colours or align them with the green colours of the garden. Hereby you can create different areas in your garden that can have their purpose (e.g. growing vegetables).

We are not the only source of inspiration

When it comes to gardening, it makes sense to take as many inputs as possible. When you have seen multiple types of gardens and designs, you will be better equipped to apply them to your garden. Also, you can test the ideas that you like or dislike before implementing them. Once you have found your style, you can dive deeper and connect with the peoplethat share that style. Using their recommendations, you are soon on the way to creating the garden of your dreams and ready to welcome guests. Ranging from social media to blogs and forums, many people are open to sharing their passion for gardening.

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