British summertime 2021: homeowner’s to get their gardens guest ready


After a year of being couped up and locked down it is no wonder so many of us are eagerly awaiting the thrill of outdoor socialising this summer. As the UK trundles along the roadmap out of lockdown, homeowners up and down the country are turning their attention to their outdoor spaces.

Home improvements have been huge business over the last 12 months. With nowhere to go and nowhere to spend their money, property owners have invested in new kitchens, bathrooms, attic conversions and more to make their homes more enjoyable.

With the vaccine rollout well underway and the easing of social restrictions, many people are now focussed on revamping their social spaces, and in particular their gardens. A survey of 2,500 UK homeowners by Burton Roofing found that 68% of homeowners want to convert their outdoor spaces, with greener spaces being a huge priority.

Creating welcoming spaces for friends and family is top of mind for many as well. Many homeowners intend to create designated social areas such as decking, outdoor bars and barbecue areas.

However, with the economy still in uncertain waters and many households feeling the financial strain of the last year, cost is a concern when it comes to home renovations. Cost of materials such as roofing sheets for covered areas, tools, wood and other items weighed on the minds of nearly 70% of survey participants.

When considering the redesign of their outdoor spaces, the environmental impact and long-term sustainability of their renovation was a concern for around 30% of people surveyed. 35% of men surveyed were concerned with the environmental impact, while only 24% of the women questioned considered the impact of their project from and eco perspective.

The Burton Roofing also found that younger generations were much more concerned with the long-term environmental impact of their garden renovations. Over a third (37%) of 35–44-year-olds stated that they were considering the environmental impact of their projects. Only 17% of over 65-year-olds had any concern about the environment.

Sourcing sustainable materials and DIY products was also high on the priority list for younger people. 40% of 25-34-year-olds would make extra effort to consider and source sustainable materials vs only 16% of 45-54-year-olds.

Nevertheless, 61% of all homeowners surveyed would be willing to spend more on material if the were eco-friendly. With a third of people willing to pay up to 20% more for materials, tools and products that were better for the environment.

With the responses to the Burton Roofing survey one thing is clear, homeowners are hoping for a more social and greener British summertime for 2021.

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