Why you Should Consider Renting a Wedding Dress


Weddings aren’t cheap – with food, entertainment, the venue and outfits to sort out (to name just a few!), the costs soon rack up. One big expense is your wedding dress – arguably the most talked about part of the big day. From lace to satin and understated to over-the-top, however they look, they’re never cheap. Or are they?

If you’re looking to save some money on the cost of your big day, you should consider renting a wedding dress to wear. After all you’re only going to wear it once and wo wants to be finding storage space for a frock years after the big day has passed? Here’s why renting a wedding dress could be the best decision you make (after saying “I Do”…)

It’s Cheaper

This is the biggest, most obvious plus to hiring a wedding dress over buying one. It’s way cheaper! We’re talking hundreds rather than thousands, which might allow you to get the dress of your dreams – but just for the day.

Spend your Money on Other Things

By saving on the cost of your wedding gown, you can put more money towards other parts of your big day. Why not buy a pretty bridal lingerie set to make sure you feel extra special as you walk down the aisle? Or a special night-dress for the evening? Perhaps you could put some money behind the bar or hire that band you love but thought you couldn’t afford? There are certainly more useful things you can spend your money on than a dress you’ll wear once.

It’s Quicker

Getting married in a hurry? Most wedding shops will require months to organise your dress. But not if you opt to hire it. You’ll be able to get your dream gown much quicker so timeline isn’t an issue. This will take stress out of the wedding planning process and just means you can focus your attention on other things.

Go Designer

Always dreamt of wowing your guests with a Vera Wang gown? Desperate for a Jenny Packham dress? If you opt for the rental route, designer frocks go from being completely out of the question to a real possibility.

No Storage Needed

The admin involved in cleaning and storing a wedding dress after you’re married is a real bore. Dry cleaning can cost a lot of money and you’ll need a special storage solution to make sure it keeps nicely. It would be much simpler to just be able to hand back your gown and never need to see it again (except in the photos).

Added Extras

A lot of wedding hire shops throw in accessories as part of the package, saving you yet more money that you can put towards other things. This means you don’t need to worry about budgeting for a veil or shoes as they’ll come with your dress. Sounds like a no-brainer to us!

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