Why AV Control Systems Are Becoming More and More Important


Video conferencing, team-wide meetings and online troubleshooting are all here to stay. Trusted by institutions and enterprises from all over the world, of all sizes and scales, Neets provides an efficient, robust, and effective method to conduct team-wide meetings and training programs. You can learn more about them here.

Why Neets.io?

Platforms such as Neets.io are extremely easy to use and user-friendly. Usually, companies, businesses, and organizations today need capabilities including team-wide meetings and audiovisual presentations. The setup is as easy as

1. Set up the system with the controllers,
2. Connect your devices,
3. Get your employees started on using their devices.

Neets.io provides a mainframe infrastructure for companies and organizations to build on top of the existing capabilities of the technology.

“It’s extremely easy for the teachers to understand and to use. Being able to operate every device from one interface help teachers to think of it as a simple and smart setup.” This is what Martin Bernhard, the vice-principle of Neets.io says.

Apart from the University of Copenhagen, Microsoft, Dubai Police, Credit Suisse, and more such reputed organizations – Neets.io is trusted by enterprises & institutions worldwide – no matter where they are from.

Neets provides a high-quality audio/video service for companies of all sizes. Touch panels, keypad controllers, tabletop solutions, and more – their offering is convenient to use while being affordable.

The first impression that clients have when working with Neets products is that the system is extremely easy to set up. From installation and operation to integration – the control system is one of the easiest to set up and get running.

You can expect to achieve the system efficiency soon after you have set up the controller, dashboard, etc., and connected your peripherals and devices to the Neets.io system.

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