itsu’s NEW hybrid range created for the hybrid office worker


With only 30% of office workers saying they want to go back to their desks full time, the future of work is all about flexibility – a blend of office and home life now coined ‘hybrid working’. But with research showing that when working from home 70% miss their office-based lunch, and 81% say their lunches are more boring than ever, it seems we haven’t quite cracked this new norm.

Adapting to this new hybrid way of life, itsu – the Asian-inspired healthy food brand – is reinvigorating the supermarket lunch with a NEW range of tasty products launching into the food-to-go & chilled section of supermarkets this June.

Gone are the days of the boring supermarket sandwich, eaten at your desk whilst scrolling on your phone – itsu is championing the ‘hybrid lunch for hybrid workers’. The new ‘heat to eat’ range features itsu’s best-selling recipes ready in minutes, meaning you can have a restaurant-quality lunch, anytime, anywhere.

lucky katsu hotsu’potsu (Tesco, RRP £2.75)

hotsu’potsu brings you a steaming gyoza noodle soup ready in minutes, featuring itsu’s best-selling vegetable fusion gyoza, authentic rice noodles, vegetables and a hand-crafted katsu broth. Simply add water and pop in the microwave.

hotsu’potsu is also available in the Tesco meal deal, where you can add the brand’s best-selling crispy seaweed thins or prawn crackers and a drink for just £3!

chicken and spring onion gourmet’gyoza (Waitrose, RRP £3.50)

itsu’s new range of gourmet gyoza brings true restaurant quality to the aisle, following the success of their popular frozen range. Ready from the microwave in under a minute, these gyozas make an ideal lunch or perfect accompaniment to a meal.

These little parcels of joy, filled with succulent chicken and spring onion, come with a ponzu dip and chopsticks, so no need for messy hands!

spicy veg or hoisin duck bao’buns (Waitrose, RRP £3.50)

Leading the growing bao bun craze, itsu marked their 1 millionth bao sold earlier this year. The brand’s newest range of chilled bao come in two flavours, spicy veg and hoisin duck. The soft steamy filled buns make a great lunch or delicious snack, simply microwave for 45 secs.

The new itsu chilled range, which comes in 100% recyclable packaging, is the perfect hybrid lunch for the hybrid worker: easy to heat up in the office kitchen, or pop into the microwave at home.

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