Drivers could be fined £5000 for incorrectly using roof boxes and bike racks


Whether you’re moving home, taking the family on a camping holiday, or planning a road trip, investing in a roof or bike rack can provide extra space and comfort. To help ensure this is done safely, Uswitch has put together a comprehensive guide.

Drivers could be fined up to £5000 and charged with dangerous driving, plus up to nine penalty points. In some extreme cases, motorists could also find they face a temporary driving ban.

Joel Kempson advises ‘ “Using roof boxes and bike racks are a great way of transporting heavy loads, we just need to make sure drivers are aware of the laws and safety concerns around using them.

It is your responsibility to ensure the weight of your rack is suitable for your vehicle, and that what you are transporting is securely fastened in. The rack should not hinder you while driving, so make sure your vision is not obstructed in any way and everything is secured. It is also important not to impact other drivers around you, so make sure nothing is sticking out in a dangerous manner.

We recommend you take out supplementary insurance if you are not already covered by your existing policy.”

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