Dr Elif Benar- Professional %20 Vitamin C Serum Review


There are a plethora of Vitamin C products out there. However, the question that people often ask is, “Which is better?” “Will it make my acne worse?” and “Do I need a Vitamin C serum?”

Luckily, I have tried and tested this %20 Vitamin C serum, so you don’t have to. But, I must say, I have been quite impressed with the results.

A few of the claims this product has made include endowing a healthy appearance to the skin by neutralizing free radicals. Additionally, it also aims to target pigmentation and discoloration, therefore brightening the skin overall. The elimination of fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen production is another claim the %20 Vitamin C serum has made to its audience.

It has been two months, and all I can say is that there has been a visible improvement. So often, at times, when you try a new product, and that too at such higher concentrations, chances are the skin will react, leading to breakouts or sometimes even allergic reactions. However, after trying the %20 Vitamin C serum, I noticed no sideeffects. It didn’t sting the skin either. Instead, the serum kept the skin moisturized, and when layered with a moisturizer, it didn’t pile up either.

Another particularly noteworthy aspect of this dermatologist-certified serum is that you will notice that it penetrates deeply into the skin compared to many other serums out there. In addition, this Vitamin C serum is immensely lightweight and ensures to hit the epidermis (deep layer of the skin) effectively without compromising your skin’s health in any way.

I was so taken by the results of this product that I decided to conduct our research and found out that Dr. Elif Bernar, a renowned dermatologist and medical doctor is the pioneer of this revolutionary %20 Vitamin C serum. She graduated from a top-ranking Turkish university and is also the founder of the 2 point jawline technique. She strives to give her customers a personalized and seamless experience via her products and her advice. She believes in skincare being a journey, and I couldn’t agree more.

The underlying objective of a skincare routine is to indulge in it. However, it is advised to trust dermatologically certified products and tested products, such as this %20 Vitamin C serum. The reason is that dermatologists know the exact quantity of a particular ingredient is needed in a product. In addition, they are Ill-versed in how the product will react when in contact with the skin and perform a range of tests and quality control procedures before launching it.

The Vitamin C serum here has been a Godsend for us. I noticed a stark reduction in wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. This product is certainly a keeper, and all you skin enthusiasts should be trying it too!

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