Haslers Foundation Donate to Haven House Children’s Hospice


Haslers Foundation are pleased to have donated a SATS monitor to Haven House Children’s Hospice.

SATS monitors are vital in the Hospice’s work as they allow nurses to rapidly and effectively identify when a child is unwell, often before they are showing signs of distress. Monitoring of oxygen saturation levels has been indicated as one of the best ways to identify the first signs of respiratory symptoms associated with Covid and so are essential tools for caring for the sickest children. The portable nature of these reliable saturation monitors allows children to access activities and play whilst at the hospice, safe in the knowledge that they are well.

Aisling Kilbane, Clinical Nurse Manager at Haven House, said: “The machines have been a wonderful addition to our medical equipment library and are used daily. They have been exactly what we need to care for the babies, children and young people during the pandemic as we monitor oxygen saturations, pulse and clinical observations four hourly of all admissions to the hospice. We simply could not do this without handheld and mobile equipment. Nellcor is a reliable and best in brand machine which we can record and report with confidence that readings are correct.

“We also use the machines on our more clinically vulnerable children – this may mean that they require constant overnight monitoring whilst they are on oxygen therapy or having antibiotics, so that we can assess how their condition is improving. The Haven House care team would like extend a huge thank you to the donors as practical equipment like Oximeters ensure we can deliver a safe and effective service especially in these times.”

Jon O’Shea, Chairman of Haslers and the Foundation; said ‘We are delighted to give our continued support to Haven House as they continue to do exceptional work in the community.’

To date, Haslers’ charity has donated more than £180,000 for local community groups and causes.

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